[WIP] Pebble Home Assistant App

Hi folks. I thought I would share this work with you. I have not learned how to change states yet from the Pebble app, but have made it show device status. Let me know if this seems worthwhile to continue.

PebbleApp: https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/57759f9aba2fe5d0c60005b5
SRC: https://github.com/texnofobix/WristHomeAssistant

Update: v0.4 released Jul 12, 2016


Hey, I have a Pebble myself and the only thing I’ve really been missing since I’ve switched from OpenHAB is a Pebble app. Just thought I’d say that this is definitely worthwhile to continue.

Great idea!

For a weird reason, I can’t install it on my original Pebble: it ends up in the “unsupported” (not sure about the wording, in french it says “Applis non prises en charge”) section of the Android application, and obviously is not installed on the Pebble itself. The really weird part is that the appinfo.json mentions the aplite platform…

I built it with support for all three. Is your firmware current?

Absolutely continue. This is to awesome, just installed and already looking gold. How often does it update?

Sure, it’s in 3.12.1.

Right now it doesn’t auto refresh. That maybe a future feature enhancement.

I will rebuild and test on the emulator when I get a chance.

I just released v0.2. I hope I am not using a feature that the aplite can’t handle.

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The 0.2 works fine on aplite :slight_smile:

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What features would you all like to see next?

In v0 3 I added last changed for each state in seconds, minutes, hours, days.

Would you like to see voice control, or a menu popup?

What would be available in the popup menu?

I was thinking of displaying all the attributes and if any events for the object, then present those. For example, I am thinking switch objects could fire on, off, and toggle.

I’m not used to use the voice control, so I’ll be happier to see such a menu, but that’s just me :slight_smile: (And the fact that my Pebble has no mic probably helps that decision… ;-))

Ditto. :thumbsup:

For me personally, control would be my primary use case for this (not viewing) and I’d prefer a menu initially.

Not had chance try this app out yet (mostly as I’m still setting up HA). There are a couple of OpenHAB apps for Pebble and the source is worth checking out for those.

Thanks for the info. My next goal is to enable switches to be controlled. Bare with me as I’m more of systems engineer than programmer. :smirk:

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I released v0.4. It now opens up a menu with more of that objects data. I will be adding event triggers soon as I work that out.

Other life events have been jumping in the way. I hope to continue to figure out the event triggering.

TL;DR https://github.com/clach04/hueswitch/releases/tag/v1.1 has a download for Pebble that allows control over HA if https://home-assistant.io/components/emulated_hue/ is enabled, e.g.:

  listen_port: 8300

Configure the Pebble app with http://YOUR_IP:8300

I spent some time with the new Emulated Hue Bridge, https://home-assistant.io/components/emulated_hue/ I’m on Windows and whilst there are issues (I need to find time to make a report on these) it works well enough to see and control devices.

I spent some time in the Pebble App Store and whilst there are many Pebble Hue apps, only one documents source code and only 2 implement config support. I wasted some time attempting to update one of them (I mention this to save someone else repeating my mistake) and eventually did a search on github for hue and pebble and found an incomplete project https://github.com/ngmaloney/hueswitch/ that looked promising. I have a pull request https://github.com/ngmaloney/hueswitch/pull/4 open that matches the download link above.

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