Wise Controls integration

Good day folks. Has anybody attempted to integrate a Wise Controls system into HA?

I have a Wise Box controlling 4 switches (it’s an 868 product) and I cannot find anything on the www that will help. Wise controls are manufactured in Italy and marketed under the Wise brand in the UK by Mr Resistor.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I’m looking at one of these too - did you manage to make any progress with this ?


Something like this potentially ?

Their website provides details for various RF transmitters, receivers and transceiver modules for 433MHz, 868MHz and 2.4 GHz.

Hi there Chris P. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually tumbled upon that myself just before I read you reply and am now waiting for an Arduino RFLink kit to arrive. More when I get it to work!

Hi @tonyc

I’ve been doing some research to try and find out more \ on ‘Wise Controls’ and I think they are part of a company called Teleco Automation ( https://www.telecoautomation.com/en/ ).

I’ve also found a bunch of old documents online referring to something called TV LINK RS868, which is what led me to Teleco, and a similar product to the Wise Contol one - which has the reference TVRCL868A04 (google search that…)

I’m still digging, but if it is all by Teleco , then they do have an control box and app called ‘Daisy’, but 868mhz specifics code/encryptions etc. are limited.

And something called “MyHand"

And home automations interfaces.


We maybe getting somewhere, this looks like it’s explaining the commands needed for the required channels - be good to know if that could be passed to your Arduino transceiver ?


More on the ‘MyHand” and the TV Link solution

Chris, the Wise product line is manufactured in Italy by Teleco Automation as you suggest. Mr Resistor has been marketing the product in the UK for more than 10 years. The “Wise Box” corresponds exactly to Teleco’s https://www.telecoautomation.com/scheda_prodotto/tvdmm868a05/

My interest is for both the 433 and the 868 RF Link solutions. The 433 to control my Somfy blind (RTS) and the 868 to open/close my BFT sliding gates. For these I currently employ a Z-Wave Fibaro solution. Works well for 1 gate, but range issues for the second gate (30m from house) make it unusable. Once I have got the Arduino/RFLink to work with my HA setup, I will build another with the 868 transmitter to try and crack the rolling code of the BFT gates.

I do have a Wise Box as a stand-alone system in my house. Works well, but no interface to my HA setup yet!

This is very interesting topic. Just now we bought a new pergola from Pratic. What I found Practic for their pergolas uses Teleco Automation system too.

Teleco sells some Daisy product (TVDAY868A01)

I’m very newbie in ha and electro stuff. I appreciate any news on this topic and how I can control our pergola with Home Assistant.

I think that is great for control, but i don’t know how if is possible add Daisy to HA or if exist some alternative.

Have somebody some experience with pergola controll?


Can this one https://www.telecoautomation.com/en/scheda_prodotto/tmate868al/ be used in homeA.
B/rgs Mads

In the meantime, they have Google Assistant control. I know it’s not a local solution and might be a bit slow, but it should be possible to use the Assistant Relay addon to control it as a workaround for now. I’m planning on doing it by adding specific google commands as switch actions in HA, will let you know if successful.

Something else I’ll try is the sonoff RF to WiFi bridge running tasmota, but that’ll only work if the commands are being broadcast on 433MHz.

The MAC address of my Daisy Teleco wifi box seems to show it is made by ZentriOS who makes software for IoT systems:
Anyone familiar with this?

Ok so having done a port scan I can telnet into my Daisy box on port 400, no login or password required (!).
Now need to figure out what commands to send.


Did you manage to get anywhere with this? I have a Wise Box being installed soon and I am looking at options for controlling it with a Raspberry PI so that I can integrate into Home Assistant. I would rather not have to buy the Daisy.

No. Didn’t get any responses about zentri os from anyone.

Bump. I have 8 boxes and a couple are linked to HA via volt free transmitters through ESP8266 relays. The new boxes have RJ11 sockets. According to the guys at Mr Resistor you can’t access anything through the RJ11 sockets. Great system and I have been using them for 15 years. It would seem that RS232 would be the way forward. But above my pay grade

Here to join the crew, just had a Teleco RSP box installed for my garage door, and trying to work out what I can do with it. Daisy looks like an option, but it’s bloody expensive for what it’s going to do for me.

This is the board inside my box:

There’s a rather tempting set of pads labelled UART; might be interesting to see what’s on there, if that’s an RS232 interface of some sort.

I have a few different bits of Wise stuff which at some point I plan to integrate into a more coherent home automation setup.

There is an RS232 transceiver which seems to have sufficient documentation to be useful: Wise RS232 Interface 5V White | Mr Resistor Lighting

That looks like the useful centre point of controlling things relatively easily. The dimmer units I have also have push-button controls. It looks like they’re not the most useful things to use since they’re timing based and there doesn’t seem to be sufficient to do arbitrary control from an external interface. I haven’t yet played with them though.

The RS232 can relay controls though, so you can put a controller in the loop there, and I daresay tie it into HA (though I regret I currently have no experience of HA).

Did anyone manage to get this working? I have a Teleco control box for my roller garage door that I would like to integrate with HA.

David: I was too busy to spend hours trying to resolve this, so I bought a Garadget (Google it!) which does exactly what I need.

In my dreams… I keep hoping some smart person gets inspired…