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The Wiser Heating devices are not listed as Zigbee devices either. Their brochure says 2.4Ghz only.

As it is not saying Zigbee (Certified), they don’t have to follow fully the standard.

Only the Wiser “legacy” (older) devices used Zigbee, so do a search on Blakadder’s Zigbee database:


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So more on this. The shutter devices I am using ARE Zigbee and the Merten Wiser Touch is a Zigbee hub that communicates with them. There is a Alexa skill that is available. That being the case, can I somehow control from HA via Alexa?

I have paired several devices directly via ZHA but the open/close direction and “run-time” for the devices are not implemented very well in the current device quirks.

I’m just looking for a way to send commands from HA to Wiser Touch via Alexa? Is this possible?

Appreciate feedback.

There is a way to trigger Alexa Routines from Home Assistant, like this:

Create the buttons as helpers in Home Assistant, set them up as it required by Alexa for Proactive Events.

Create Alexa routines to trigger the Wiser Touch commands.

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Thank you for the insight. I was able to accomplish the same thing just by using the Amazon media player and building a skill within the Alexa app. The solution you gave indeed looks very powerful and hopefully, someday, I’ll have better skills and will do many things this way.

Thank you!

The best thing would be if the Merten Wiser Touch could be added as an integration but it depends on Merten and some people’s interest to invest into it

Suggest reporting that as bug(s) to ZHA Device Handlers → https://github.com/zigpy/zha-device-handlers/issues

The reason why is explained in ZHA docs → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#zha-exception-and-deviation-handling

Thanks for the suggestions. I found a way “around” this by using the Alexa media player and issuing commands from HA to the Wiser skill. It works but is messy since I don’t really have visibility into the devices through the skill.

I will pursue this as you suggested.

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FYI, ZHA device handler quirk development https://github.com/zigpy/zha-device-handlers/pull/1705

also see the related ZHA quirks feature requests for Schneider Electric Wiser Zigbee devices here:


Thank you!


I have searched the web for an integration with Schneider Wiser Exxact. This is how i found this thread, but I´m not syre that the integration mentioned here (GitHub - asantaga/wiserHomeAssistantPlatform: Platform and related climate/sensors to support the Drayton Wiser Home Heating System) will work with our products.

We have a Wiser Micro Module Light Switch interacting with Wiser Wireless Switch. We use these products for our lighting in the bathroom. Will the integration linked to above work for us? It mentions it supports lights within the wiser hub from Schneider Electric.

I have also found this site: Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant and is wondering if this integration is more suitable for our needs.

Thanks in advance!

Which Wiser Hub do you have? Actually some has a publicly available and officially documented API to control the Hub.

The one mentioned in your post, is for the Drayton Wiser Heat Hub .

ZHA can be suitable for your use, but you need then a Zigbee dongle to use with.

ZHA integration or Zigbee2MQTT should work (but either could need custom converters for devices):



https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/ (see https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/guide/installation/03_ha_addon.html)

For any of those to buy a Zigbee Coordinator USB adapter such as the examples based on CC2652P:


ZHA integration and Zigbee2MQTT are somewhat similar to each other though have different pros and cons, so tip is to buy a Zigbee Coordinator USB adapter like CC2652 that is compatible with either, (as Zigbee works you are only able to have one Zigbee solution connected to a single Zigbee Coordinaor).

I also believe Schneider Wiser devices are known to not completely follow Zigbee specifications and in such cases will need a custom converter or ZHA Device Handler (quirk) depending on solution. Read:




For some specific device examples see:




Also note that the ZHA integration does not yet support any ZGP (Zigbee Green Power) based devices:



Hello. I purchased two Wiser smart plug (CCT711119). Connected them via Sonoff ZBDongle-E + zigbee2mqtt. And I have a couple of questions. Perhaps someone can advise me.

  1. After successful connection to HA, the LED lights up green. But when I moved the plug to its permanent location, the LED turned red. Everything works, it is controlled through HA, it measures consumption, etc. But the LED is red. Its OK?

  2. I opened the manual and noticed that there are different values for different loads. I planned to connect them to a refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher, as well as to an extension cord where PCs, monitors and other small electronics are connected (less than 16A in total). Do I understand correctly that the refrigerator and washing machine are motors?
    What then is a dishwasher? And is this electronics the thing where 500W is indicated? Why couldn’t they write it in a list, instead of some obscure icons!?

I would contact Wiser support and ask these questions directly to them.

But answering partially the second, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwasher are motors also.
The refrigerator has a compressor, which runs by a motor. But the way of working my different for an old one, than a new one regarding load. Modern fridges are using inverters, and I have no idea which category that would fall under in your table.
Modern washing machines and dishwashers has inverters as well to control the motor, but they are also resistive loads as well, as they have a heater to heat up the water for washing and dishwashing.
The dishwasher has motor as well, which is the pump which circulates the water inside the machine, and pumps it out of the machine when finished.

The 500W thing in the table might be a AC/DC transformer, by looking at the shape of it.

Schneider Electric’s Wiser gateway and smart plug will be two of the first products in the world with the global communication protocol Matter. The new certification allows Wiser solutions to be easily integrated with other Matter-compatible devices.

Schneider Electric lanserar de första Matter-certifierade elprodukterna för hemmet | Schneider Electric Sverige (www-se-com.translate.goog)


ciao Tomtomfx are you still mantaining / updating the code for the integration of the white cross?
what is NOT working for TRV?

thank you .

Hi everyone,

I recently started with HA as I want to automate my roller shutters which are equipped with Merten/Schneider Wiser Shutter Switches (MEG5116-0300). The Wiser Gateway is not an option anymore as it is very unstable on its Wifi-only connection.
My current setup is a Pi 3 running HA with a PoE Zigbee Coordinator based on TI CC2652P.

  1. I was able to integrate all my shutter switches via the Zigbee Coordinator.

  2. However the current cover position feedback is inverted and the Up/Down running times are on their default values (120 sec), therefore not giving me the right values.

  3. I am currently using cover templates adapting for the position inversion aswell as the running times. This is, of course, a very messy adaptation to the differences in shutter lengths and running times often resulting in “unknown” states.

  4. My next step was to take a look at the documentation of the Zigbee cluster attributes where indeed “manufacturer specific” attributes can be set.

  5. My idea is now to navigate to the right attribute and write the right values to the shutter switches. In my case Endpoint 5 → Cluster ID 0x0102 → Attribute ID 0xE014 (LiftDriveUp time) an set it to 250 (tenths of a second).

  6. However this is where I am stuck. Using ZHA toolkit I tried writing and reading values to and from the attributes but with no success. The only feedback is “none”.
    P.S. I tried setting the manufacturer code to 4190 (Schneider Electric) but no change.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you in advance.

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Here’s a little update on the Wiser modules configuration:

  • I was able to configure the Up/Down running times with ZHA toolkit. All it needed was a reboot, then it worked like a charm.
  • For anyone who wants to configure these modules, the manufacturer code (4190) is only to be set when writing to manufacturer specific attributes. Setting it for the other attributes didn’t work for me.
  • As for now the current position feedback is correct. However there is still a need for cover templates as the lift percentages are inverted. Apparently Schneider inverted this after version 2.6.x as stated in their documentation.

Good work here. Tracking your progress