WLAN channel 13 (HaOS)

I have a working HA in a container and it’s connected both through LAN and WLAN. I’m now trying out HA-OS on a new Pi3B. It’s running on wired LAN and in “Configure network interfaces” I can see all my neighbours’ WLANs, but not my own. I presume it has to do with my use of channel 13. Searching HA documentation and this forum turned up nothing and everything I found for the Raspberry won’t work in HA-OS. What can I do?

Channel 13 is restricted in the US, what locale do you have your ha instance set to? I’d imagine that it would need to be set to a location that allows the use of channel 13.

Yes of course. The time zone alone was reason enough to set it correctly to Germany. It’s Location: Country-Germany and Language-English.
As I said, my other HA in a container works fine. I’ll pull the SD-card and try under Raspian, just to test the hardware, but I’m sure that can’t be it. The channel issue is just a guess, but as I can see all the other networks around it’s the obvious one.

Just did it. Found and connected my WLAN faultlessly. So must be a HA-OS problem.