WLED no discovery

I have WLED set up and working with the app and web interface and it appears to be publishing to the broker for discovery correctly:

I have discovery enabled in my configuration.yaml

   - panasonic_viera

Yet I have not been prompted to set up a new integration and I see nothing related in the mqtt integration.

Tried restarting home assistant. No change.

Anyone have any idea what’s up?

I had to first remove the MQTT component from the integrations section and re-add it making sure that discovery was enabled.

The light then appeared in the list of entities. However it doesn’t show up in the MQTT section unlike my Tasmota based RGB controllers do for some reason.

Hmm. discovery has always been enabled on my system. And I have a few other mqtt integrations I’d rather not delete.

Yeah I can understand that.

What have you got in your WLED settings for MQTT?

Hi tom, i dont think it gets listed under integrations, mine dont

have a look under unused entities

I did go hunting in the dev tools states menu but it’s not there or in unused entities either.

I did notice this error in the HA log ( is the WLED IP address):

2019-10-24 20:23:23 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.hue] Unknown error connecting with Hue bridge at
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/hue/config_flow.py", line 207, in async_step_import
    bridge = await get_bridge(self.hass, host, username)
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/hue/bridge.py", line 171, in get_bridge
    await bridge.initialize()
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/aiohue/bridge.py", line 45, in initialize
    self.config = Config(result['config'], self.request)
KeyError: 'config'

I did not set that up and don’t see any way in the WLED settings to turn off Hue bridge?

My WLED MQTT settings:


This seems to be working fine as I said, it connects to the broker no problem and publishes to the homeassistant discovery and device topics.

Also before anyone asks this is enabled in the mqtt integration:


I messed around with a lot of sync settings. No idea what I changed but it now shows up!

I just noticed this collection of files for adding presets and pallet control to home assistant: https://github.com/Snipercaine/WLED-HomeAssistant but have not had a chance to delve into it yet. Is Node Red required or will the automation.yaml file do everything?

Edit: answering my own question, no NodeRed is not required. Nearly everything is working. Just the palette selection seems to be non functional.

EDIT2: Fixed it.

I’ll submit a PR but for anyone else interested the correct automations and input selects for the presets and palettes are:

- id: wled_palette
  alias: WLED Palette
  initial_state: true
  - platform: state
    entity_id: input_select.wled_palette_list
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: wled/bar_led/api
      payload: "{{ states('input_select.wled_palette_list') }}"

- id: wled_presets
  alias: WLED Presets
  initial_state: true
  - platform: state
    entity_id: input_select.wled_presets
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: wled/bar_led/api
      payload: "{{ states('input_select.wled_presets') }}"
    - "[FP=00] Default"
    - "[FP=01] Random Cycle"
    - "[FP=02] Primary color"
    - "[FP=03] Based on primary"
    - "[FP=04] Set colors"
    - "[FP=05] Based on set"
    - "[FP=06] Party"
    - "[FP=07] Cloud"
    - "[FP=08] Lava"
    - "[FP=09] Ocean"
    - "[FP=10] Forest"
    - "[FP=11] Rainbow"
    - "[FP=12] Rainbow bands"
    - "[FP=13] Sunset"
    - "[FP=14] Rivendell"
    - "[FP=15] Breeze"
    - "[FP=16] Red & Blue"
    - "[FP=17] Yellowout"
    - "[FP=18] Analoguous"
    - "[FP=19] Splash"
    - "[FP=20] Pastel"
    - "[FP=21] Sunset 2"
    - "[FP=22] Beech"
    - "[FP=23] Vintage"
    - "[FP=24] Departure"
    - "[FP=25] Landscape"
    - "[FP=26] Beach"
    - "[FP=27] Sherbet"
    - "[FP=28] Hult"
    - "[FP=29] Hult 64"
    - "[FP=30] Drywet"
    - "[FP=31] Jul"
    - "[FP=32] Grintage"
    - "[FP=33] Rewhi"
    - "[FP=34] Tertiary"
    - "[FP=35] Fire"
    - "[FP=36] Icefire"
    - "[FP=37] Cyane"
    - "[FP=38] Light Pink"
    - "[FP=39] Autumn"
    - "[FP=40] Magenta"

    - "[PL=01] Preset 1"
    - "[PL=02] Preset 2"
    - "[PL=03] Preset 3"
    - "[PL=04] Preset 4"
    - "[PL=05] Preset 5"
    - "[PL=06] Preset 6"
    - "[PL=07] Preset 7"
    - "[PL=08] Preset 8"
    - "[PL=09] Preset 9"
    - "[PL=10] Preset 10"
    - "[PL=11] Preset 11"
    - "[PL=12] Preset 12"
    - "[PL=13] Preset 13"
    - "[PL=14] Preset 14"
    - "[PL=15] Preset 15"
    - "[PL=16] Preset 16"

Everything else as per the repository linked above.


Do you know what is this file for " WLED-to-yaml.yaml" ?

Do you have any automtion examples how to turn e.g. “Lightning” effect on for 1 min?

WLED has it’s own integration so no need to use MQTT. There is no control for presets as this isn’t supported by HA light integration. I’d like to be able to control presets I wonder if this can be added as an effect?

Hey mate,

Have you now changed over to the native integration?
I don’t like the integration at all as it only includes the basic light sliders etc…

Is there a way to do what you’ve done with the native integration?

No I’m still using mqtt for precisely that reason.

You could use a combination of the native application and mqtt for the extra controls.

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Hey Tom,

Is this card now possible with 108 wled enhancements?
They made enhancements to the service call feature. Don’t understand why they couldn’t include the sliders of speed and intensity in the frontend as well!

Because Frenk is just one person. He’s done a great job getting the Home Assistant integration up and running but what you ask for would require modification of the light entity card and I don’t think front end work is Frenk’s speciality.

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Good point, Frenk is definitely doing a great job.
Can we integrate your frontend card somehow with the integration?

Who is ‘we’?

I can’t, can you?

we, all, including you…

I can’t figure out if your comment was an attack or not, I sense a bit of frustration in it.
What I meant was “is it possible”. Perhaps next time I’ll have explain what I mean in depth

No it wasn’t meant as an attack.

Sure it’s possible if you have the skills and time to develop a custom card.

I do not.

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I can squeeze the time to do it but the skill on the other hand is definitely no :disappointed: