WOOX R7060 Smart Garden Irrigation Control

Has anybody experience with the Woox r7060 and added it to the Philips Hue Bridge?
Really want to use this thing but don’t want to buy an extra bridge next to Philips hue and Zwave. Can’t find any information.

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After some digging, I decided to replace Philips hue with ZHA, and last week I bought a Conbee || USB stick to check if the WOOX r7060 would integrate easily.
I can say it works really well, within a couple of minutes it was ready to go. I also have battery status but I’m not sure if it works.
Almost all the lights from hue are now in ZHA and the mesh is getting better and better.

Hello @havezel

I have the same question as you.
The woox r7060 is it recognized by Hue Bridge system ? Can be managed directly from the Hue application?
Can I use the hue bridge to manage this device from another system ?

Thank you in advance.


Well I didn’t connect it to the hue bridge. I didn’t want to because I want my home assistant to be only local so I bought a conbee 2 USB stick and installed ZHA. I’ve moved all my lights from hue to ZHA and added the woox r7060. See my solution.

Hey, can you explain a bit what kind of features of the woox r7060 are available in HomeAssistant. Like what kind of configurations are possible.

Thanks Dennis


I am also interested in those questions.

what kind of features of the woox r7060 are available in HomeAssistant?
Is it only working as an on/off switch or has it advanced controls?

Thanks. David.

@czechspainteam @dennisschroeder
no it’s on/off and the battery status, but the battery status isnt always up to date. you need to reconfigure the device to see the actual status.
What kind of advanced controls do you want for 30/40 euro?

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Thanks havezel :slight_smile: