Work on my home PC remotely

HI Guys,
What is a good open-source software to work on my home PC remotely? I see there are a number of them but not sure which is trustworthy etc. I have connection via Nabu Case but sometimes like to log into my Sonoffs etc.


VPN to your home network. With a VPN the remote pc will become part of your local network.

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Thanks , I will not have any problems with me logging into Nabu Case and seeing HA ?
I was actual looking for something free , from my laptop to my home PC.

Could I suggest wireguard? I have been running if for some time as an addon and it is fantastic. I have a connection from work nailed up split tunnel and it just never dies.

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What do you mean with this? Through a VPN it is like your computer is in your home network, you don’t need Nabu Casa then to access HA.

You can setup your own VPN server like OpenVPN then it will be free.

I use teamviewer.

I guess I dont really know how “trustworthy” they are but ive been using them for many years and have never had any issues with it. I guess they could be playing the long game tho. But its a really LONG game if so.

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Teamviewer is number one. i using any more years

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Check out Apache guacamole

check this out:

i can confirm it working

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