Works with Nest is going.away

Just FYI
Works this nest is moving to works with Google.

Not sure how this affects HA Intergrations but definitely looks like it will affect IFTT and some other backdoor integrations methods

See also,

Says it is moving to Google Assistant framework.

They make it sound like this can be used with anything but not sure if this is 2way(able to receive data) or 1way(only send… command/request).

I think goal is to silo data and force platform use so not sure what they will do for camera device where image retrieval by 3rd party is desired. Doubt this will happen except through hack or direct partnership(pay some fee to be certified)


This is not good news.

So very annoyed with this.


OP, thanks for sharing. I ran the image thru OCR, to get the text, to save everyone a click.

I’m following up on the email you sent to Rishi Chandra last week regarding the turn down of Works with Nest and your concerns.

We share your concerns and are working with our partners, like Samsung, to make sure we can maintain as many of your existing connections as possible. Some of the other integrations, such as with Lutron, may be able to be replicated with Google Assistant Routines, and we have been working with that team to replicate much of the Works with Nest capability.

We are eliminating the ability for any third party to know your home or away state. That violates our data privacy rules and we will not be replacing that capability going forward.

For the apartment use cases, we have developed a fleet management api that we are working with key system integrators to use for Nest Thermostat integration. That will be available to housing partners, and in fact we would very much like to talk to them if they are either using Nest Thermostats now or plan to in the future. The new fleet management apis are more robust and designed for enterprises such as multi-family dwellings and hospitality

You are correct, we are working on being able to provide similar, if not better, solutions in the future. We are hard at work to make sure we have viable replacements for your whole home control by August.

I really appreciate your feedback. We’re doing our best to maintain your trust in us.

Best regards,
Michele Turner
Sr. Director, Google Smart Home Ecosystem

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