Worth disabling unused entities?

Good afternoon,

i wonder if it make sense to disable unused entities for any device


If the entity is not included in the recorder settings, it will not be logged to the database. If you include everything (default), I strongly advise to change it and only record data of entities you are interested in.

Disabling an entity wonโ€™t save any battery life, the zigbee/z-wave device will still send the info but you just wonโ€™t see it.

You can do this, I donโ€™t see any reason apart from calming oneโ€™s OCD.

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thx for your reply. how can i avoid that all entities are being logged? Or better, how can i filter which one i want t get recorded?

See the recorder documentation for more information

This will improve your sd card life, way less writing

however, if i disable an entity it shouldnt perform any writes, correct?

Thatโ€™s correct