"Would you like to...?"

I have a system on a boat running HA. Recently I have attached my sewage pump to a Sonoff Relay which means I can automate the pumping by every evening at a fixed time have the pump running for 2 minutes.

Now at the end of the 2 minute run I would like to have the following happening:

  1. GoogleHomeSpeaker: “Pumping finished. Would you like to run it a second time?”
  2. Me: Yes please
  3. HA triggers a 2 minute open/close of the pump relay.

I can trigger the 1. by listening to the State Change of the relay and then trigger the question. That works. But can trigger it as an actual question awaiting a user response from me?

It would be totally cool to have the boat actively telling me about the state of things but also asking questions that I can decide to take actions on.

Is this possible and if so how do I make this work? Help/pointers appreciated.


Sorry, this is the same question as

This is something that I’d like to do to – in fact I was just wondering this morning how I’d set up such a scenario.