Wrong system time&date - HA on Pi4

hi there.
I noticed my Pi4 can’t get the right date during installation.
Both the ‘‘last login’’ in HA cli and the log in browser, show a totally wrong date: december 16, 2020.
Timezone is correct, because it’s the only thing i can manage from the web browser.
I can’t access SSH, only HA cli. That’s because I have another issue Link here, which could be related
I really can’t find any solution on the internet.
Both screens are made today. You can see the date

Screenshot 2021-03-27 153223

How can I set this right?
Please help a noob.

Thank you all

This is the third time I’ve heard this in a week.
Seems to be a network problem fetching the time.

I eventually decided to change deployment.

Debian 10 with supervised HA, works flawlessy. Both date/time and addons.

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