WTH am I unable to add/remove things from a group using the GUI?

It would be really nice to be able to add and remove entities from a group simply using the UI.

Currently using YAML and and ‘reload groups’ does work but feels pretty clunky in my opinion.

I know your suggestion is slightly different, but I have a related suggestion here: WTH can't I add tags to entities?

For me, the ideal flow for managing groups via the GUI is at the entity-level (e.g. click an entity, and “tag it” (adding it to a group behind the scenes).

Duplicate post, can someone close this?

What’s the duplicate post?

There is already a WTH about GUI control of groups.

Sorry. I was unclear. I was asking for a link to the duplicate.

And there is at least one deleted already.

BTW there is a search button in the forum :slight_smile: