WTH are there no ANCHORS to link to specific parts of a dashboard view?

It would be great to be able to link to dashboard views specifying where to land. On a computer this may not be of much use unless you have huge views, but on a mobile phone it would help greatly.

I have buttons in my dashboard views at the top of each one of the 3 vertical stacks I use to organize my cards that take me to other dashboards. The issue is that if the button is on the 2nd or 3rd vertical stack, I end up in that same location on the linked dashboard.

As an example, if I am viewing the 3rd stack and click the Home button to go to my main dashboard, I end up viewing the weather instead of the navigation buttons that live in the 1st stack. GRRRR

Clicking where the red dot is, to go back to my Home Dashboard with all the navigation buttons…

takes me here… same spot as dashboard I left but on new dashboard which is irritating and useless (for my use case):

instead of taking me to the top of the dashboard:

This is what I would love to see implemented:

This just sounds like a menu bar, which IMO is a good WTH. Menu bar with buttons that do what you add to them.

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@petro - I ran into the Anchor missing issue when developing my own navigation. I have indeed added a WTH for a “menu bar” in the form of a dropdown with navigation buttons.

Well what you’re talking about here is actually referred to as a ‘menu bar’ in UI & coding world. Basically a bar at the top, right, left, or bottom of your screen that is static when you scroll.

What you’re talking about in the thread you linked is either a ListBox, ComboBox, or another menu bar (on the right side of your screen) but with words.

@petro Great to know the exact terms :slight_smile: In this WTH I am advocating for anchors that allow one to link to a specific part of the dashboard. In my case I would typically have 3 anchors per view as I typically have 3 vertical stacks. On mobile the stacks are sequential so being able to click home and land on the 1st anchor (top of the page, 1st vertical stack) is important. As of now, if I am on the 3rd stack of some dashboard and click home, I end up on the 3rd stack of the Home dashboard which is not where I expect and/or want to land.

Another use case is to go to the top of the page of the same dashboard. Sometimes my 3 vertical stacks end up being super long when on mobile. Given I have navigational buttons at the top of my stacks, clicking on the dashboard name of the current view would ideally take me up to the top.

Ah, I get what you’re asking for now. Took me a minute.

Love it! Literally stumbled into this gap tonight, stopped by the Month of WTH to see whether I should submit it, and found it’s already here :smiley: Thanks for submitting!

I have a tall/mobile-like view for each floor of my house, organized in the same order you would walk through the house so that the card layout approximates the floorplan.

I’d love to be able to link from my home view directly into a specific area of my first floor view that contains relevant cards. So, for example, clicking on my Kitchen “room card” on the home view would do an action: navigate to /lovelace/first-floor#kitchen to deep link directly to the kitchen-related cards on my first-floor view.

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I like this idea, but I wonder if potentially theres a better/different way to tackle it.

Lets assume you have a main dashboard, and 3 different anchors for things in different rooms.
So your dashboard is whole house, and you have anchors for living room, bedroom kitche.

What about if, rather than creating anchors on your main dashboard, you could build 3 different lovelace views (living room, bedroom, kitchen), and there was a way to join/combine/embed those views into your main dashboard (whole house).

Im trying to decide if that does the same thing in a potentially more usable manner, or if its slightly different.

Either way, seems fairly related :slight_smile:

@sh00t2kill I think you missed the point of anchors. I have 4 dashboards with something like 50 views total, so anchors would help when navigating from one view or dashboard to another by allowing you to land where needed. Consider that while a room view may fit on a single computer screen, it may take a lot of scrolling on a mobile phone screen. Anchors may therefore have no effect on a pc screen but can help a lot when using a mobile phone. An example you are likely familiar with is when you are in a thread and click on the back to the top button so you don’t have to flick the screen 100 times to go back up.

yeah the more i think about it, my idea is similar but different.

Hi, I am also looking for a way of navigation to specific parts of view (with anchors). Did something happen on this topic? Are there any updates?

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Would like to i know also, has this been invented already, or if there s hacs method?

Re-reading the thread, @ccmcgeek explained what I was seeking for perfectly… @hazio - I am not aware of it being implemented.

I would also love to have such a solution. If someone finds a workaround or a good alternative, would be very happy to hear about it!

Came across this issue, and took it as a challenge.

Here’s my implementation of an anchor card:

It’s compatible with the default dashboard layout, more info in the repo.
This is my first HA card repo so if I made a mistake somewhere, please let me know, thanks!


Nice one, this will come in handy in a few weeks. I’m in the process to “design” new dashboards for different devices, but I’m not yet at the mobile views.

Thanks! :slight_smile: :+1:

PS: If it were me, I’d open a new thread for the card. It just makes more sense, as you could edit the first post of the topic, and questions will be in their right place. :slight_smile: And there will be questions, I’m sure. :rofl: I’d say, go ahead and “Share your project”!

ah, you’re right, here it is:

thanks for the guidance :ok_hand: