WTH aren't YAML configured integrations shown in the UI once they've been configured?

I love that I can now search for and see there’s a supported integration for (as an example) Lutron (which I’m using for RadioRa 2). If I click on it, I’m presented with a message that says “This device can not be added from the UI… You can add this device by adding it to your ‘configuration.yaml’. See the documentation for more information.”… which is great and you even give me a link to the docs. But once I’ve actually configured it already…

Why the heck isn’t it showing in the list of integrations I have configured and in use. I understand that it still can’t be configured via the UI. But it IS configured, so why not at least list it. Give me that helpful link to the docs and for bonus points, perhaps give me a link to open configuration.yaml, or maybe that it’s configuration exists there on lines 10 through 13. That would be slick.

The issue is the lack of UI setup/configuration. Thankfully the integration basically works. I guess that RadioRA 2/HomeWorks QS are just not widely enough used to attract attention. Look at support threads and many of them whither without much conversation or resolution.

Yeah agreed it works… that was just an example though in case it cause some confusion. My WTH suggestion is generic for any integration without UI config…they could still be shown as an enabled integration even if you have to configure it in YAML.