WTH Can't an area and an entity have the same name

Having an area with the same name as an entity breaks the dashboard view maintained by home assistant with the error:

Error loading the view strategy:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toUpperCase’)

There should at least be a warning when naming an area, if that name clashes with an existing entity.

Also described a year ago here.
And a closed-for-lack-of-activity bug report here

Seems like it should be an easy fix and quick to confirm.

In my case I had a hue bulb:

  • Entity ID: light.hue_white_candle_1_2
  • Name: Pantry

And an Area:

  • Area ID: pantry
  • Name: Pantry

Changing the Name (not Area / Entity ID) breaks / unbreaks the dashboard view.
A simple warning when naming an area would be a good first step.