WTH can't I delete scene entities I deleted from scenes a year ago?

I deleted all my scenes over a year ago when I moved house. However, these are still listed as entities from the Home Assistant Core Integration. If I select them, then click Remove I get the following message:

Only 0 selected entities can be removed.
You can only remove 0 of the selected 1 entities. Entities can only be removed when the integration is no longer providing the entities. Sometimes you have to restart Home Assistant before you can remove the entities of a removed integration. Are you sure you want to remove the removable entities?

Obviously I have not, nor plan to, remove the Home Assistant Core integration.

How do I tidy these up properly?

There is no “core” integration. There’s a scene integration. That’s what creates scenes. If you can’t delete an entity after restart, the entity is probably coming from yaml.

Well, in the integration column, it says Home Assistant Core Integration - that isn’t something I just made up.

My scenes.yaml file is empty. configuration.yaml points to this file for scene:

I only ever used the UI to define scenes anyway.

Go to the scene editor then. What does it show there?

If you click on it from that screen, and then go to the settings tab, is there a DELETE button at the bottom then?

There is, but not a clickable one - it is greyed out.

That is the case whether the scene is disabled or enabled.

And what about the question @petro asked? Is it listed there?

By scene editor I assume you mean settings > Automations & Scenes > Scenes tab.

There are no scenes listed in there.

Ok, then something is creating the entity outside the scene integration. Just disable it. Expand advanced on the settings tab where you tried to delete it and click disable.

Yeah - I did that. Was just looking to see if anyone had any ideas why these entities are hanging around. WTH.

Have you got scenes defined in Hue or Deconz? These show up as undeletable scenes as well.

I managed to get the delete button to work on those entities as follows:

  1. Comment out scene: line in configuration.yaml
  2. Enable all the scene entities that can’t be deleted - this didn’t work if I left them disabled.
  3. Restart Home Assistant from Developer Tools > YAML page
  4. After restart the scene.* entities are marked as recovered - and the Delete button is now enabled. I used it.
  5. Remove comment mark from scene: line in configuration.yaml
  6. Restart HA again.


I don’t use Hue or Deconz. I was running zigbee2mqtt when I set up those scenes a while back. All the scenes applied to zigbee lights. Since then I switched to ZHA. I removed zigbee2mqtt and Mosquitto a year ago.

Note that I had some issues with HA after the above process - I had to do a full reboot of the host via CLI before I could get back into various areas of the settings.

I have two scenes call “TV Time” > one is the actual scene as defined in scnes.yaml but the other ("TV_time_2) says that it can’t be edited (seemingly deleted either) unless defined under scenes.yaml. IDK how to do that. Any help would be appreciated.

TV_Time_2 is not under scenes.yaml to further define.

Could you define what you mean by “comment out scene: line in configuration.yaml”?

In configuration.yaml put # at the start of the line starting scene

# scene: ...

When restarting HA this disables the scene integration, and allows deleting the entities.

This assumes you are linking to a scenes.yaml file from configuration.yaml, so you only need to comment a single line.

I’m afraid that didn’t work or I didn’t do it correctly.


did you restart? This requires a full restart of HA

Yes. I checked the code under developer tools, & restarted. I even restarted a second time after reading your reply & no go. I have that scene & 4 devices that I just can’t figure out how to delete.

Well looki ng at your screenshot, you’re showing a light that you’re trying to delete. Not a scene. If you’re trying to delete a device and the device is auto-discovered, you have to disable it, not delete it. You can’t delete a device that’s auto discovered because it will just be discovered again.