WTH can't I set a default dashboard per user

Every time I login from a new device (or one of my users does) I have to reconfigure the default dashboard.

Default dashboards should be per user (it is the user who uses it after all).

I get that in some cases you may want a specific device to have its own dashboard (e.g a wall mounted display) but this should probably be given its own user as well - as you don’t know who’s operating it. Or even preserve the ability to overwrite the default per device.

A work around to this would be to set the viability of a dashboard to a certain user. In the edit dashboard settings.

That’s not really a workaround in all honesty. At best it gets you a pseudo default that you can set on a per user basis if you use tabs in the Overview dashboard which everyone gets access too. But if you want folks to have a specific default and still have access to the data on the tab “in front of” the tab that they have access to, now you’re replicating dashboards.

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With different users it would be great to have a default landing page per user.

We can hide dashboards for people but some people or tablets are allowed to see them. It would be great to have my son land on his room dashboard but if needed go to the livingroom lovelace/daahboard


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A default and supported method would be great but this can be achieved by browsermod integration.

I think they chose to set the default dashboard for each device rather then user because a single user might have a phone, tablet, TV, and computer. You may want to see a different version on each. I use a different default dashboard on my device depending on screen size.

On his phone navigated to settings >> dashboards. On that page select the dashboard you want and click “set as default on this device”.

That’s fine.
But still, if the device does not have a specific dashboard set, it could fall back to the user’s default.


That’s a good idea! Eat your cake and have it.

You can set the view on the dashboard per device. A css or other can do this. I would really like a per user login, reguardless of device. It would make wall unit setup and friend/tenant usage so much easier.

Configurable for a few different use cases would be really nice. Toggle on a specific behavior, one for default per device, one for default per user, and ones for default by screen resolution and/or user agent.

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Would love to see default per device. This would make room specific UI much easier to implement.


While not exactly what you’re asking for, that’s sort of achievable now. When you login to HA that specific login session / device can have a default dashboard set. That’s what happens when you set a dashboard to the default in the user options, it’s saved for that particular device, not for all devices.

The specific request that this thread is about is for being able to administratively set a default dashboard for users so that any device they login to gets that as the default and if they want to change the default to something else for that device then they can with the current settings behavior.

Would be great to be able to assign what Dashboards regular users see and what not…

Maybe to add here…
Why the dashboard per user is needed, and not per device…: because when you are the house admin, you want to make live easy for your users. And prevent users to configure their dashboards per device. Or also have different people use the same user…


I want to be able to set a specific VIEW as default on one specific device (for one user also fine, same result in my use-case (kiosk tablet)). This is not possible at the moment unfortunately.

It because one user may want to login using different screens, phone, pc and tablet. Best way is to have a user for your tablet and set the default dash on the tablet. And only use the tablet login on the tablet. That is what I do.

So there are tons of arguments to both sides of this, so why can both options coexist? Have a setting for default dashboard per user account and if it’s not set then fallback to the per device default. Would be nice on the user page to list all the dashboards and just have checkboxes to allow or disallow viewing of said dashboard, seems a simple solution.

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