WTH can't the Lutron Caseta integration detect button presses on all switches?

The Lutron Caseta integration allows Pico remotes to be triggers for automations in HA, but not hardwired Caseta switches. I would like to see this same functionality added to hardwired switches/dimmers/fan controls as well. There are many use cases for this. Here are a few examples:

Double-tapping OFF on a switch near a door will turn off all lights inside the house and lock the door.
Double-tapping ON at the garage entry door will turn on all lights leading into the kitchen.
Tapping ON when a light is already on will turn on the rest of the lights in the area.

Other home automation hubs have this functionality because they support telnet communication with Caseta smart hubs, not just the new LEAP communication. Could we add telnet as an option for those Caseta smart hubs that support it to add even more features to this integration?

I raised this issue at the underlying library here: Feature Request: Add support for all button events · Issue #86 · gurumitts/pylutron-caseta · GitHub
However, this library only supports LEAP.

As much as I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE the functionality, I don’t know if I would allow a Frankenstein integration trying to merge telnet and LEAP APIs.

Maybe someone could pick up @upsert’s Caseta Pro integration and add the functionality.

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Isn’t this similar to connecting locally or via the cloud like other integrations do? Setup would dictate which is used and then you’re stuck with one or the other.

I’m sure I’m oversimplifying the issue here.

No. It’s all local. Just different connection methods to the Lutron hub. LEAP is the new API now used across all(most?) Lutron products. “Telnet” uses an older API, it still works with older products, at least for now, but reportedly not for the newer products. I don’t know if Lutron has any plans to fully remove it or not.

I used local/cloud as an example of having two apis in one integration, but I get your point.

Just need to figure out where this is hiding in the LEAP api.

Great idea! I use the couple Pico’s I have to turn all light on or off in a zone, never thought about double tap on normal switches.

I also think it’s weird that only single and double tap are on so many things, there must be a good reason that isn’t infinitely scalable to however many pushes you wanted to track.

From a quick skim of the github commits, it looks like there was a period the integration was using multiple connect methods. Still, I doubt they would go backwards to something that only works with the older products. I would err on the side of being consistent.

Hopefully there is something hidden in LEAP that can be found.

FYI, direct from Lutron: https://forums.lutron.com/showthread.php/15716-Very-concerned-about-discontinuation-of-Telnet-and-breaking-existing-integration?p=39525&viewfull=1#post39525

From 2021 (doesn’t mean they’ll stand by this statement…):

We wanted to highlight a few things about Integration with Lutron Devices. Specifically focusing on Telnet and LEAP.

1. Telnet for existing systems like RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS is not going away. Those integrations will continue work as they have.

  1. The LEAP API is something that can be used with Caséta and RA2 Select and is necessary for HW QSX

  2. LEAP is not just cloud integration, it can be local or cloud; common industry alliances in this market are all going local (C4, Crestron, etc)

  3. Lutron is working with a wide variety of 3rd party companies for support of QSX LEAP integration. Most of the big name companies already have integration or have QSX integration coming in the very near future.

  4. If there is a company or product that people would like to see us integrate with, they can email [email protected] and it will get evaluated by the business

I have template code for Picos that exposes multiple clicks. It falls into the ugly, “there must be a better way” category and throws errors in the logs. When I look at it now it gives me a headache, but so far works well enough I haven’t bothered to go back to clean it up.

Only enumerated it out to “quad” clicks, but that is arbitrary.

I have the same setup and my logs show the same thing, mainly the ‘this automation is already running’ item since the automation is triggered on every button press even if it’s the second press in a ‘double-tap’.

Has anyone figured this out? Currently trying to trigger automations and override the default action of a given tap on a Lutron Caseta Diva Dimmer.


+1 for this capability