Wth cover.toogle is useless?

Good day for all.
A few weeks ago I tryed to use the service “cover. toogle” with a multi click action from a switch with tasmota. This switch is in the entrance of the room with the shutter, the shutter it self has is switch right next to the window with the shutter.

I was expecting that with only one input and triggerring an automation with an action with a service “cover.toggle”, that the shutter do this "one click open, another click stop, another click close, and so on.
Wath really happens is that one click opens, another click close, another click CLOSE(again), it only change for “open” when the shutter closes completly.

I understand that this is because a cover condition is always “open” if it is not completly closed. But I think that cover.toogle would be more usefull if it was always toogling the service (open;stop;close).

Following this topic. I have the same question.
The behavior here is:
When cover is full open, the service cover.toggle starts closing the cover. While the cover is moving down, cover.toggle will stop the cover moving for 0,5seconds and then it starts moving again downwards.
Only when the cover is fully closed, cover.toggle will open the cover again. Another cover.toggle call will stop the cover again for 0,5sec and then it continuous moving upwards. Strange enough: after a few attempts cover.toggle calls, the cover stops for 0,5sec and starts moving downwards again. Strange.

It would indeed be nice that cover.togge works like down/stop/up.

Or, are there other options to do this with one button?

I was able to create an automation that enabled one button to cycle through down/stop/up like described in the above posts. See Emulating Shelly 2.5's 'One button' input mode for Roller Shutters