WTH do password managers not work

For something that should be pretty secure, especially when exposing it to the internet, why do password managers not work of the login page?

Both iOS built in password manager and LastPass on Windows has never worked for me. I generated a long and complex password and it would be easier if it just auto filled. Until then I can keep manually coping and pasting.

This issue really kicked me recent when I had to reset up the iOS app remotely. I needed to copy the remote URL and the password but the second you leave the app the setup starts over. So you paste the URL, switch to copy the password, switch back to the app and it’s started over wanting the url again.

Yes. WTH indeed!


This technically isn’t an issue with HASS, it’s with the password manager. See this comment from Balloob: https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/issues/1622#issuecomment-418280967

https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/issues/713 just as an example.

So probably won’t be fixed (at least not easily).

Also; on my iPhone when I switch to 1P to get my password, the HA app resets itself when I open it again. So quite hard to do without a second device if you have a OTP.


Disagree. Password Managers works with 9x % of all sites on the internet. HASS has deciced to implement the login screen in a none-standard way (no password manager support, no support on iOS 9 which makes it impossible to reposess old iPads as wall screens or controllers). So this is definitely a HASS issue and not a password manager issue. And even more, it is a major WTH moment when you can’t use a password manager to login to something that have ultimate control of your entire home including unlocking the front door.


Apparently some password managers do support ShadowDOM (I think 1Password?). Again, I doubt that HASS devs change position on this given the age of that GitHub issue and statements in there.

1Password had the feature in a beta, it was since removed.

To me this is a big WTH moment and therefore it has my vote. If the devs think it is worth fixing or not; that is a completly different discussion in my opinion.

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Same. When the App store account moved to HA ownership I had to login again, but couldn’t without a second device to access my 1password account

on web it’s not a big deal because you can copy paste from extension, but it’s a big deal to be locked out of your home because of no copy paste allowed on mobile

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I use LastPass on both desktop and mobile, and while it’s a bit more work, both desktop and mobile versions allow you to copy your password out of the app and paste it into login forms. This is not just a problem for HA on mobile, many apps don’t natively support mobile password managers (at least in my experience on my iPhone) so I use this method to log in quite often.

If there was a quick change that would get password managers to work natively then it would be worth doing, but from the linked GitHub issue, it’s not a simple “fix” (and fix in this case means a complete rewrite of the login page), so IMO it’s not worth the cost for such a minor annoyance, especially when there is a workaround available - to be fair, I can only confirm that this workaround works for LastPass, but I would be very surprised if any password manager worth their salt don’t have a similar way to copy and paste passwords out of the app.

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I agree with Marius here. Regardless of the technical reason why this doesn’t work, it’s not acceptable for a modern web app to not work with password managers. :frowning:

are you on ios?

on ios, when I switch to last pass or 1password (or even a notepad app) to copy my password and switch back, the HA app is frozen

no input is allowed after focus has moved to another app and back.

I have banking apps and others that don’t support password managers, but I’ve only experienced complete freezing of the HA app

I do have an iPhone (running latest) and could have sworn this worked so I logged out and tried it - I had no problems switching to LastPass, copying the password, and then returning to the HA login screen in app and pasting it in :man_shrugging:

Yes, same on my iPhone.

I disagree as well. HA is the only app in my collection that doesn’t work with my password manager enpass.
The fact that it seems to work with some versions of some password managers in some conditions doesn’t mean it was a smart implementation. Yes you can copy paste a password from a password manager, but is is a hassle, so people start tampering with password complexity. It definitly kills the WAF( Wife Acceptance Factor) too.

If you take security serious a simple login page that doesn’t start playing tricks with the DOM is the way to go

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How on earth is this still controversial?


100% this :slight_smile: (It isn’t controversial, make it happen …)