WTH: Google assistant and NabuCasa

I used to have a google custom app, that would link my assistant to home assistant without NabuCasa. Then google did something and my family members would get the "Could not communicate with “home manager” (The name of my custom app)

So I said… Well. It’s probably time to switch to NabuCasa since I don’t want to have to deal with fixing whatever was changed on google’s end…

So… I got NabuCasa…

Same issue… That’s odd… I’m the “Account owner” that linked the google home to nabucasa, So I’m the only one that can run “Sync my devices”

My mother though, and my grandpa, Can only get a “Turn on the light” command to actually work after asking 4 times in a row. It’s always 3 or 4 times.

once it works… It will continue to work. as long as you keep talking to the speaker every so often. But once the speaker is left alone for a bit. Then it will go back to saying “Could not reach Home assistant cloud by NabuCasa” for 3 times. Then on the fourth try. It will magically work… What’s the issue? Clearly it can communicate because I can issue a command and it works first try. Every time. No matter if the speaker has been sitting for several hours, or all day.

My mom keeps saying that the speakers go to “sleep”… But that’s what a “Keep-alive” packet is for. I tell her everything I do on a computer, and she knows most of what I know because I explain it in great detail as I’m learning it… (If you can’t teach it. You don’t know it)

Now… All that said… There are a few things about my old configuration that were wonky. I have a 4G LTE Modem, I don’t have a cable or DSL connection, So I don’t have my “Own IP”. So I would use autoSSH to keep a tunnel open to a remote linux server, then forward the commands from google, through the SSh server, then it would tunnel into my local hass instance. It worked GREAT for about 8 months. The past 2 weeks though… Have been killing me. I’m finally reaching out for help.

NabuCasa, works GREAT. But only for me. Other users in the house… Cannot make it work. They have the same issue as BEFORE NabuCasa, Which makes me think it’s a google problem… But I’m starting here first to see if anyone else has anything to say on the topic. I feel like I should also post this elsewhere, but don’t know where to put it. Thoughts?

Have you trained google to identify the differnet house members and linked the members to different google accounts?

I have resisted this to keep the google commands available to all in my house - which is working for me using nabu casa.

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

My mom, and grandpa both have google accounts, They’re members of the google “home”

Are you suggesting I should not have them in the “home”

So google sees them as “guests”?

I think that is what he is suggesting. Google home can be trained to recognise voices then you can link the different voices to different users. I myself have ensured my google home devices are NOT trained to my voice so my girlfriend can tell google to play music and it plays via my own google account with my google music subscription. The trained voice options are buried in the google home app on your phone

Referring to Voice Match? Interesting… So personalized results won’t work as long as this awful issue persists? I wouldn’t say it’s specific to NabuCasa because the same issue was occurring with the custom google test application (The other way to use google assistant with Home assistant). Maybe it’s HASS itself?

Also… This makes routines unavailable does it not?

I have my grandpa trained to use “Goodnight” to do a handful of things as he goes to bed. He’s 80 and the old dog barely learned the new trick.

Ugh. I want this resolved soon or I am gonna have to probably find a new platform to use… This is the first issue I’ve ever had with HASS, and it’s a HUGE inconvenience unfortunately. I refuse to spend another few days setting up a new smart house manager, So… I guess I will have to wait… But I find it odd that the issue happened with a custom google app, as well as NabuCasa…

Each user that is part of the home can setup voice match to get better response from commands
My wife and children after setting them up with google home app had to set it up this way to get it working correctly

Yeah. All of us have voice match. But from above comments, It’s suggested that this may be the issue!

Gonna look into it further and wait for a more detailed response.

Myself, my wife and my son all have voice match and individual google accounts. What’s I’ve had to do is recreate any routines that I want to be “global” on each account. So, for “Goodnight”, each account has a copy of that routine. That’s not a HA or NabuCasa limitation so much as a Google limitation because there are no such thing as global routines in a Home. It actually works a bit better because my wife has some custom actions in her routine (tell the weather, turn on her bedside lamp if she wants to read something, etc). But, they all do the same, basic thing: Turn on a switch in HA and then that runs a script to shut the house down at night.

As for the devices, what I’ve had to do is make sure that each device exposed from HA to Google Home MUST be adopted into the Home and setup in rooms. It’s painstaking (I have well over 200 entities that are exposed) and tedious, but for my wife to be able to tell Google to turn on a light or play music or whatever, it is what it is. Without doing this, I’ve found that Google Home will respond to me, but won’t respond to my wife or son for commands most of the time.

Check on reddit and you can see that even non home assistant users with just ecobee are having the exact same issue. I do not have NC for the cloud and I still have this issue. This is probably a Google backend issue that they need to fix.


So that’s more or less my configuration.

Do each of you have your own “home” in google?

So each of you are the “account owner”?

My goodnight routine is different than my grandpa’s, but we are both in the same “home”.

So I switched to nabucasa unnecessarily?

I thought for sure this would fix my issue!

I’m still in my trial of nabucasa, knowing that this is a Google issue, I’m tempted to keep using my test platform because that is my excuse to have a Linux server in Canada to use for port forwarding and ssh tunnels.

That server is VERY handy to have.

Nope. One “Home”, but multiple invited users in the Home (go to Home > Settings cog (in the UI) → Household and you should see the users in the home).

Nope. Each of us is set to “Manager”.

So, what you’ll want to do is go into your Grandpa’s Google Home app, and modify the “goodnight” routine for him to have the actions that he wants/needs. In your own app, modify your own routines to do what you want.

Like I said, it’s tedious, but it does work for us.

LOL, why would you need to ditch the Canadian server just because you have NabuCasa? I’m sure you can find other uses for it. :smiley: Hell, one that easily comes to mind is to run something like NextCloud on it as a remote file storage/repository for backup purposes.

I have not scrolled through the whole thread here, but I’m jumping in to add my observation that this is a Google thing and not Nabu Casa. Routines now only work for per user.

But even before that change, I removed other users from my home a while back after noticing that some of my Google Home devices and minis were no longer registered to me, but to other members of the house. I couldn’t get these devices to turn on lights or anything else. At first, I reset them and set them up from scratch, but as soon as I added other users to them, I started experiencing the same behavior after a short period of time. I eventually just left them all as “mine” and people in the house don’t get personalized responses but they can manipulate lights and things.

Nabu Casa doesn’t do any user management or determination of who is saying what. It exposes entities. Everything else is Google.

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Agreed. Assigning rooms, whether using Areas in HA or the Google Home app itself is an important step in my experience.

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How long ago was that? I remember seeing that issue last year, but it’s not happened since around mid-November. I used to have to reset at least 1 or 2 Google Home devices a week, but I haven’t had to do that for awhile now. Maybe (and this is my shocked face) Google fixed something finally? lol

All the things you’ve said, are exactly how my home has been for over 8 months. It just now started having troubles this past 2 weeks.

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This is the problem with cloud services that we have no control over. :frowning:

Personally, Google, Amazon and Apple are all strongly pushing me to want to get something like Mycroft or something similar and giving all them the middle finger.

You mean, local assistant type of thing? What would the hardware cost look like?

The Google minis would serve no purpose other than Bluetooth speakers then. Which is fine with me if all the requests I make are handled properly!!