WTH: iOS app having more than one Home Assistant

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I love Home Assistant :slight_smile:
I have my house, two grandmothers houses and father’s office with Home Assistant. And I want to change Home Assistant interface inside ios app, not making 3 ‘apps’ from safari and thinking what to do with notifications.
Thank you!

I would love this too, while I do not have the same use case, I run multiple instances for development. It is just easier if I could use multiple instances indeed. :+1:


Same here… being able to connect to dev vs prod would be amazing!


Same here Argo I have a few in the family I support and have to use Safari now.

Same functionallity as Apple Home, that a profile is automaticly switched based on GPS location would be nice indeed.


I also have 2 home assistants, so, yes, this would be handy

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YES YES YES TO THIS!, Just a simple select your instance on app-startup would be fan-freaking-tastic!



This would be amazing! I’ve got so many hacks work arounds for this.

As the original poster said just switching between instances like a standard profile picker (eg. Google mail) would be amazing.

or two instances of the app, i have it through accident an old beta running but lost notification with the latest update…

would be great to have this continously

and android app, without having to install a second beta APK

there is a topic to vote: WTH android app can't handle multiple HA instances

installing multiple instances of one app sin’t possible for iOS

Same here! Would be easier to help my parents! :slight_smile:

This feature is also required on Android.

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Yeah, for sure. I should’ve written ‘companion apps…’

Just as a heads up, for android, you can utilize “Island” to install the home assistant app twice. That’s the work around I’ve done for now. Though at that point you’re limited to only two. One under your “personal” side, and one under the “work” side.

But definitely it would be so much better if it supported multiple accounts.

And incase there was any doubt of how to do it from a UI perspective, the normal way that I’d expect is opening stage left, or whatever the name of the left side pull out panel is, and where it currently says “Home Assistant” at the very top, that would be replaced with the name of the active instance, that name you would optionally configure during setup, defaulting to “Home Assistant”, and there would be a down arrow next to it that would expand to show a list of all the instances available, with a pencil next to each one to edit them, as well as a button to “Add Another Account” that would just go through the normal setup process for the app.

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forte Exactly. I don’t think it would be difficult to shut down current instance and start a new one with a new IP address…

this would be an excellent feature.
my use case is 1) home, 2) office, 3) my parent’s house

ideally the iOS companion app would be able to interact with all simultaneously for push notifications etc., but the main feature would be simply to utilise the one mobile app to toggle various entities etc. at different sites

+1 for this feature

Would love this

I too have multiple HA instances – home, office, dev, etc.

I’m currently using this app https://github.com/tuanha2000vn/Home-Assistant-Dashboard, it supports multiples servers as far as notifications go. I use it for notifications only.

But I like the HA iOS official app UI better.