WTH android app can't handle multiple HA instances

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I’ve an HA instance at home and another at my holiday apartment: it would be great to have a “choose your instance” screen to handle both from the android app.

I have the same problem here. Then you also need to be able to have different sensor settings to both instances and name them/choose icon.

Me 2 want this. I have HA both in my home and boat. Please look into this :heart:

I’ll third this… The app being able to control more than one instance would be amazing.

A simple drop down list/menu to select the active “home” would be good enough. Apposed to having two active instances connected with two homes, which I gather introduces more complexity. If you could just choose the active home from a list this avoids the need to manually retype the IP address when switching homes.

For me, this also would be nice.

This is a “me too” post.

Also this has been requested here and here