WTH is light temperature not in Kelvin?

Kelvin is the go to method for everything color temperature for the vast majority of users.

When you buy a bulb, it gives you the color temperature in Kelvin.

Why can’t I set bulbs by Kelvin? (In the UI).

The visual representation of a bulb should be in Kelvin.

Ooh yeah! Please :+1:

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Voted and I wish that if you ask someone next year what is Mired he’ll say he never heard of it :slight_smile:


This was a deliberate change. It used to be Kelvin. +1

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Is there more detail about why this happened? It makes no sense that I need to set color temperature by Mireds as an end user.

It makes sense to store the values as mireds in code, but it should be a conversion (or a setting somewhere) when shown in the UI.

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There is an answered architecture discussion on this topic so this seems to be mostly waiting on someone to implement it?


Shelly: Migrate Shelly to use kelvin for color temperature by thecode · Pull Request #79880 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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AWESOME change, thank you for releasing in the latest version!

Is there a way to have the Kelvin slider overlaid onto the Dimmer slider? For the Dim-to-Warm style lights that are being installed in many high-end homes there is not separate Kelvin control, just the overall brightness and the lighting control unit built into the lights adjusts to the appropriate Kelvin based on how dim the bulb is.

E.g. like this:

Instead of the separate controls (where the color temp can’t really be controlled independent of brightness).

With the latest release is there a way to lock the color temperature slide to intervals or a number? Like 5 or something a little more useful like 25?

And what about MQTT. That is still mired :frowning:

Zigbee2MQTT is still in mired… how do we change this back on an individual basis?

or maybe have it as an option

not if you use Zigbee2MQTT

Lights do have color temp kelvin.
But, lights connected through matter don’t! Why?
update: no solution yet?
September 2023: no solution…