WTH is the "Adjust a statistic" so cumbersome?

While adjusting some wrong statistics (negative readings) I couldn’t hjelp but notice how hard it is to use. First you need to find the correct date , then adjust the time and look for the value that has to be changed. If it’s not there, you have to adjust the time again. No filtering, no search, nothing. When you finally find the culprit and fix it, you’d better hope it’s the only one that needs fixing, because the second you click “adjust” it’s straight back to the main statistics view and you have to do it all over again.

At the very least add a search function so we can find negative values (by far the most common issue for me). Right now I have to search in the database for the time because this is essentially impossible to find in the GUI.

Also helpful would be to be able to interactively scroll through the timeline, but there’s already a WTH for that I think.

Yes I agree, and the one or two times I have used it, it made things worse.

I know this thread is old, but WTH, statistics adjustment window is terrible… I used it few times before, got angry but it was just for a few times so I got along… but today - I had to fix almost a week of data [been on a trip and didn’t noticed errors earlier], with couple of entities.


it need at least:

  • pagination/navigation, so you can go thru the readings without the need of entering date and time by hand
  • option to view WHOLE DAY - if it’s too big, than it can divide it to let’s say 2-4 hour periods, which when selected - would show more detailed hourly-division and so on
  • option to view points WITH DATA. I don’t need to scroll/search every 5-minute “window” when most of them display 0… I understand that sometimes those 0s need to be changed to some othed value, but “a simple checkbox” to filter them out would cut the adjusting struggle A LOT
  • MOST IMPORTANT: after correcting a statistic, when i click “ADJUST” button - please bring me back to the filtered/searched day, hour, minute etc. closing the window and having user to search the whole database AGAIN is… just… a torture.

there. I said it. probably I could go on with other UX enhancements, but those are essential IMHO…