WTH is there no Android Auto and/or Carplay integration

Wouldn’t it be great if you could at least switch individual helpers via the display in the car?
However, I have no idea how complex this would be. Or maybe there would even be licensing fees.
I wouldn’t be surprised.
But Nabu might even charge a few euros for an app.

yeah this should be added eventually now that Android Auto/Carplay is standard is almost every new car.

I dont use those yet, but do the cars support notifications? If so, maybe you could control devices with Persistant Actionable Notifications? (Notifications that can’t get dismissed and have action buttons)

On iOS you can jailbreak your phone so it can display any app in carplay. And on Android auto you can install a custom app store that has Android auto apps that display a website.

Just before I ditched Smartthings, they had released what amounts to a 6 icon dashboard to control a minimal set of devices such as lights or garage doors / gates. It was cool but I rarely used it as it was way easier to control what I wanted using Google or Alexa voice commands. I am guessing this should not be too hard for HA to put together. I really don’t see the need for anything more complex especially when it would just turn into a major distraction for the driver.

AFAIK android auto is only opened to smartthings, there are no official APIs for any other apps to use

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I’m yet to find a custom app that works while the car is anything but stationary.

Yes - same here!
There are some options. But nothing that realy works fine.
However, I wonder why some other applications like Podcastplayers (even unknowen) are available on AA. (Android Auto)
Pushing a Button to open the Garage while driving cannot be forbidden by any law.

media apps are allowed: https://developer.android.com/training/cars#supported-app-categories

why not just use google assistant?

Because some of us choose not to use the assistant. I personally don’t have HA connected to Google and don’t intend to if I can avoid it.

I have a bug in my car where using assistant at any time for any thing causes any future phone calls to have a horrible echo for the other person. I would be using google assistant constantly if not for this bug.

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android users, please make sure to join the android app beta and have some patience :wink:


I don’t see a beta option under the Home Assistant app in the Play Store. Am I missing something?

Edit: duh I was only looking at the search results, not opening the specific app.

Not sure if I missed it earlier, but HA appeared on my Android Auto recently…

It’s related to this: