Home Assistant coming for your car!

Hey everyone today we would like to announce that development has begun on Android Auto. In December, Google has released an update to Android Auto and are finally accepting IoT apps into the Play Store. As you guessed the team wanted to get features added immediately. Check out the new upcoming features the team has already started to add!

These features are currently available in our beta channel and will be released to stable in the next 2 weeks.

Once you launch the app from your head unit you will have easy access to devices like your garage door, lights, locks and even scenes.

Tapping on a category allows you to see its entities and their state (with instant updates!). There are also simple touch controls to do things like opening the garage door before heading out.

In addition to selecting a domain you can also navigate to anything in Home Assistant that has a location, like persons, devices or sensors.

We have also added a new binary sensor allowing you to automate when you are in the car and connected to the head unit. There is an additional attribute for the type of connection as well.

A big thank you to Jbassett and jpelgrom for their contributions to the new Android Auto app. We look forward to the continued improvements to this new experience.

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May I be the first to say “yahoo”


Wow! this is going to be GREAT! I have been having to create “routines” in Android auto to control things like my garage door. Will be nice to see this! Will we be able to view things like Camera feeds?

Any plans for Car Play ?

I haven’t read their policy but I know the Shelly app has a CarPlay functionality so IoT must be ok to some degree


Very cool!

I hope that future version we can create a mini-panel with more usefull entities (garage door, alarm…).

Can android auto get data form car?, fuel level, odometer…?


Instead of a one dimensional value for the entity, could we get which vehicle is using android auto? It’d be nice to automatically open the garage door when I’m using my car, but not another, for example.


I’m not seeing the binary sensor for Android Auto under sensors…

No streaming is not allowed per Google’s guidelines last I checked otherwise you’ll have YouTube and Plex :slight_smile:

If Android Auto allows for that data to be pulled then we can, personally I have not seen the docs around this.

Feel free to submit a feature request for this :slight_smile:

This particular feature will be available in the beta that gets pushed to the play store tomorrow evening, alternatively you can grab the APK off the GitHub releases page and sideload it in the meantime.


It certainly would be great to have while driving over the Port Hills @nickrout

I use an app called AAStore, which has a load of third party apps you can use on Android Auto. You can use AAStore to convert up to 10 websites into Android Auto apps, so I have my whole Home Assistant Lovelace dashboard accessible via my car’s touchscreen. Of course, it only works when the car is in “park”.

I followed this:

Stoked. This was literally the only reason I still used SmartThings…

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Awesome! And thank you for the inclusion of the binary sensor. That will greatly help my “just got home” automations

This is amazing! AAStore sketched me out and didn’t work well.

As someone with 1474 entities currently, it would be nice to filter in what entities we want shown.

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Are you also planning to support Android Automotive?
My Polestar 2 runs Android Automotive which means it won’t run Android Auto (crazy I know!)

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This is awesome, So we will be able to set notifications to pop up when let’s say the garage is closed? I currently use TTS to do this but a pop up would work better :slight_smile:

“Android Automotive supports apps built for Android as well as those built for Android Auto” source

“In-car infotainment systems are heavily regulated due to safety concerns to the point that every app and individual interface needs to be vetted by regulatory bodies around the world. This is incredibly difficult, expensive, and time-consuming for app developers” source

It doesn’t exactly sound like a perfect match for a open source project with a fast development pace. However IoT-apps are supported as a category (source) so it’s possible in theory…


I find this!

Car App  |  Android Developers ← Level 3

API Level 3: CarHardwareManagerthat can be used to query vehicle’s hardware data, such as model and make, fuel levels and other sensors.

I am doing this currently by checking the Bluetooth Address my phone is connected to. As Android Auto does connect (not only but) also via Bluetooth this could already be done


Would be great to see functionality for Android automotive too.

Did Android Auto publish some sensors and vehicle data to application?
It would be great to stream them to HA!