WTH is up with the "useless" error messages for having an invalid config

Personally I like to split up my configs in separate files and merge them using the include_dir_named, include_dir_merge_list, etc… functionalities.

But when you make an error in the template it gives you a location of a non existing line etc as it was all parsed into a single string. WTH!

This makes finding the issue really hard and time-consuming!

This makes finding the issue really hard and time-consuming!

It doesn’t solve it completely, nor for every one, but a way to semi-work around this on 64-bit platforms is to use the VSC add-on editor. It is context sensitive (sometimes annoying so, even while you’re in the middle of working).

But I still agree with this WTH, and have voted.

Unfortunately I can’t install the add-on on my installation. It’s running on a pi 3b if I remember correctly.

This add-on is not available on your system.

yes, the error message could actually quote the troublesome line! (and some context, say two lines before and after)

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In general I have often had error messages about invalid config after I have changed something. When you only change 5 lines you know where to look. But when you add an input_select, add an automation or two in different files, and maybe a script, then it happens that one little typo create an error that leaves no hint about which file that breaks the perser.

it would help a lot if the config parser was better at pointing at file this, line that. It cannot be 100% accurate but it can be better than it is now

I get this useless notification every time I restart. The component proceeds to work perfectly:

The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:


Please check your config.