WTH isn't hot water in the Energy Dashboard

I live in Iceland and 80% of my energy costs is geothermal hot water. Getting usage, price monitoring etc. for that is more helpful than monitoring electricity usage, though I use that. Also having an option to turn off the Grid Monitoring and percentages would be perfect as my energy is always 100% renewable.

Was searching for options.

This is very relevant. Here in Iceland and in places where central hot water is part of the energy distribution. The hot water consumption is both in m3 and kWh.

Measurements can include hot water temperature (incoming) and more important, the return temperature. High (e.g. higher than 30°C) is a indication of energy waste. The return volume is normally not measured and in Iceland it is normally goes with other waste water…

In Iceland, for residentials, the Water usage is normally not measured. We don’t have GAS. Possibility to do “rename/rebranding” of existing energy dashboards features would be a workaround for many?

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not surprised, basically 90% of the population gets their hotwater by either getting it hot electrically or gas. most if not all countries dont have convenient access to a volcano.

In finland we have district heating in cities. Waste heat from power plants and from industry that is pumped for heating use.

Energy is measured in kWh, and return temperature should not be too high, because it is wasteful.

I use gas in energy dashboard, but would be nice if it could be renamed to something else.

We have the same in a lot of cities in the Netherlands. Also waiting patiently to be able to add my heat exchanger meter to the Energy Dashboard.
I pay €180-200/month on heating and €25/month on electricity. I’d rather be able to monitor my heating use than my electricity use. =p

You can simply treat the ‘hot water’ as a gas and it will do what you want. Just needs to have units m3

But my meter doesn’t count volume. It counts energy (in GJ).
Now I could of course convert the GJ in how much m3 of gas that would nominally be, but that’s weird.

I think being able to add a generic energy source would be best. Just give it a custom name (“heat energy”, “gas”, “oil”, “gasoline”, etc) and, unit (L, m3, J, kg, etc) and optionally a logo. Then everyone’s wishes are covered. Because adding “heat energy or hot water” solves it for some. But the people with (diesel) generators, wood/pellet heaters or homemade nuclear reactors will still be out of luck then.

If your units are already an enegry, just convert it to kw and it’ll work.

Isn’t the gas part of the Energy Dashboard expressed only in m3? I didn’t see you could also choose kWh.

Edit: Oh, nice. I didn’t know this:

From the “add a Gas source dialogue”:
“Pick a sensor which measures gas consumption in either of CCF, ft³, m³, GJ, kWh, MJ, MWh, Wh.”

So I guess it’s doable. But an option to change the name “Gas” to something else still would be nice to have. =)

Nope. Here’s my kwh sensors

Even GJ is listed…