WTH no integrations for WearOS to use Bio info to trigger automations? :(

allowing for more Human centric automations. A home that knows what you need without telling it.

  • Room atmosphere change on ya way home from work based off body temp.
  • lighting change based off potential stress levels.
  • Wake up routine triggers.
  • bedtime alert based off ya circadian Rhythms
  • unlock a snack draw after completing 20,000 steps etc etc
    For more info see: Wake Sensor/Trigger on WearOS

We really need this. I’ve been trying to get this to do bedtime things and it doesn’t work well. Having to use android’s sleep probability isn’t enough.

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this is actually a duplicate of WTH don't we have more sensor in Wear OS

because we need to bring in the sensor data

Not really … this guy jus wants to be able to find his Watch :slight_smile:

The post title says “bio info” so I assumed it meant heart rate and steps etc… those are sensors that can be offered by wear os like the phone app.

so what sensors are you expecting from this WTH? are you just looking for what the linked feature request is to detect when you fell asleep/wake up?

All of the above,

Although I do understand as mentioned by
@ Paul Campbell in the linked article, there would have to be times set for wearable sensors because of battery use

I do not see a body temperature sensor as part of the android docs, is there an app that already provides this data taht we can try to compare with?

I do not see stress levels in any Wear OS API, this might be calculated by some other means maybe?

latest beta has a new activity state sensor under health services, should be able to use that but its not goign to be instant.

There is no API for this but you can use a combination of the activity state sensor and possibly the bedtime mode sensor if you use that mode

steps sensor was added in the latest beta

What about a Fitbit?