WTH no Sleep/Awake status/option

A few months ago I switched from Homey to Home Assistant. And since a week I use the Yellow with Home Assistant. I am very satisfied with all the possibilities Home Assistant offers.

In Homey I used the standard options: Home/Away & Sleep/Awake in many many flows.
In Home Assistant, the use of Home/Away is no problem but there is no standard option for Sleep/Awake as a status.
For the time being I have made something myself, but a standard solution in Home Assistant would be very desirable. Or did I miss something?

So how did Homey know if you are sleeping or awake?
The companion app has a sleep confidence meter but that is as far as it goes. Or if you add a bed sensor

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I change the status by starting a flow. When I say to Siri on my HomePod, Goodnight, a flow will start. In this flow I set to state from awake to sleep. The same in the morning. When the Good Morning flow starts, the status is set to Awake.
I need theses status for several flows which only need to be running when I am awake of asleep.

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So then just make Siri set a boolean in HA to on or off?
If it’s not more complex than that then I don’t see problem.


Some flows will start or not start, depending on the status sleep/awake.
Same for the flows if I am home or away.

For me the status sleep/awake an extra decency in a flow.
I made this function myself in HA but I was wondering why this is not standard in HA like it is in Homey.

Why would it be standard?
I would have no use of that. If I want HA to know if I’m awake or sleeping then HA will have to figure that out by itself. I’m not going to use voice commands to tell it.
As I said before sleep confidence sensor, lights on or off, time of day, a bed sensor, and more is a more reliable way to know if I’m in bed or not.
If I need to tell my home automation what to do and what state everything is in then it’s not much of a automation.

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make a toggle helper in HA and call it sleep or awake and make your goodnight and good morning commands change that sensor with a service call.
Now your flows have your sleep/awake sensor to test against.

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Hi Wally,

I did and it works :slight_smile: Status is visible as 1 line on my dashboard and are included in some flows. Also the pictogram will change automatically.




HA might not have that option as standard, but it is pretty easy to make. :slight_smile:

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Hi Wally and Rob,

I have the same issue as Rob. i currently switching from Homey to HA and i am also missing the sleep and awake function. So i see Rob fixed this problem but how can i make this toggle helper? i am really a greenie with HA hehe

Settings → Devices & services → Helpers (at the very top) → Create helper → Toggle

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Got it! thanks!

the problem here is of course, that this might be a nice feature for some users - but usually, it isn’t something widely used by many.

While you can track if someone is at home or not by using one of the many different device trackers - or other methods to detect presense, it is a bit more difficult for tracking “sleeping” / “awake” information.

As already mentioned, it can be done by setting a custom sensor from alexa / siri / what ever else
It could be done by using an NFC tag on your bed-table where you put your mobile phone on - or it could just be calculated by the time of day… for example.

I don’t know, how a “standard” solution could look like - which does apply for the majority of users… since everyone has other routines…

Hi Ties,

I have also added a helper.
This is what I have added to the configuration.yaml. For me it is a workable solution.

sensor slapen:
  - platform: template
        value_template: '{{ states.input_select.status_slapen_wakker.state }}'
        friendly_name: 'Status'
        icon_template: >
            {% if is_state("sensor.status_slapen_wakker", "Slapen") %}
            {% else %}
            {% endif %}

When i used the Homey i had a scene button next to my bed. when i press the button it switches to sleep mode and when i woke up i press this button again to say i am awake. so when i am a sleep the motion sensors dont trigger in my hallway or toilet for accemple.

yes, but this can be recreated nearly with EVERYTHING…
As explained, you could use

  • a NFC Tag which can be read with your mobile phone… that will set the “trigger”
  • you can use any other “smart button” ( TRÅDFRI Shortcut-Button [german IKEA site]
  • Create a helper (toggle) which you could place as a widget on your smartphone

and many other options can be considered for such a “Task”.
You just need to setup an automation / script that will then perform the required actions or can be used as condition in your other automations that should not be executed while “sleeping”

I still don’t see, what HA should deliver here as “standard built in feature”

Hi Rob,

Thanks for this! I dont know how to add this to home assisant yet. this is day 2 at home assistant for me. i have the helper working but i cant switch it with a button or nfc tag or something.

I will send you a DM and help you with this.

we actually just added a sensor for Wear OS 3 devices that gets the users activity state with 3 possible states. passive asleep and exercise, works pretty well but has a lil bit of a delay at times due to doze restrictions on a wearable device.


OK… I have to ask, just to be really sure…
So there is no option to switch a person-entity to other states than home and away?

Different home-states of each person are mandatory for a Smarthome.
Awoken, home, away (gone), gotosleep, asleep.
All these states are triggering different automations and yes, all that starts automatically.
If I plug my Smartphone to the charger at my bed I’m going to sleep. Simple and reliable.

And yes, of course can I do that with a helper or a dummy-switch but that’s far away from a smart solution and wasted resources because there is already a person-entity.

Let me guess… there is no Home-State entity for the House as well? (with home, away, asleep and gone states for the whole house…)

Please tell me I’m wrong…