WTH - The script.<name> doesn't change when I change the scripts name in the UI

I wanted a script that would flash the lights in the living room when it’s time for my daughter to get ready for bed. But I tested it in my office first where I happened to be sitting. So initially I used the UI to write a script which I named “Flash Office Lights” and a got an entity called script.flash_office_lights. Once I had the script working to my satisfaction, I renamed the script in the UI to “Flash Livingroom Lights”… then I went to add the script into an automation… but when I went to reference the script, via a Call Service action, it was still called script.flash_office_lights. :confused:

The only way to fix this is to go and edit the scripts.yaml file to change the entity ID.

So I’d like to be able to either edit the entity ID directly in the UI and/or see it in the UI and have it kept in sync when I edit the (friendly) name.

Im looking for the same thing, did you ever find out?

I just ran into this, very unexpected. Any resolution yet?

Ran into this issue today and it was extremely frustrating. I kept renaming the script in the UI and could not get it to work via Google Home Voice commands. Changing the name in the UI never changed it in the YAML file.

guys any updates on this topic? i have the same issue. impossible to change the script. via GUI

thanks in advance


I duplicate the script to the right name and restart configuration/scripts
Now you could delete the old one

Have fun :wink:

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That was the missing part for me, thanks.

I had a dirty trailing _2 on my script name : close_downstairs_blinds_2 that I couldn’t see/change via the UI (I could see it when using it in automations though)
I found that _2 in scripts.yaml but when I deleted it there and saved the file, the script wouldn’t load anymore in the UI :frowning:
The trick was : after updating/saving the scripts.yaml, you have to reload SCRIPTS in your Server Controls page (/config/server_control) and :tada: