WTH users can't have different level of authorizations (now only advanced mode)?


Currently there are only 2 types of users:

  • users with “advanced mode” activated
  • users with “advanced mode” deactivated

There are cases when I don’t want to give full control over HA to a particular user, but I want him/her to have some more control than he/she has got currently when his/her user is not “advanced”.
For example - I don’t want a user to be able to restart HA or reconfigure integrations, but I want him/her to be able to change entity settings - especially demanded for the timer entity. Only “advanced” user can change it while a timer time-period is something that should be changeable by more users.

Isn’t it the same as WTH2 - WTH!? No RBAC - Role Based Access Control? (Users & Groups rights)

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When an admin makes a new user that user is either type “user” or “administrator”.

“Advanced” isn’t a level of user, users can decide for themselves if they are advanced by changing it in their profile. And it just hides and shows some stuff from the UI, it doesn’t actually restrict access to anything.

Administrator vs user is the only actual security option as some apis are admin only.