WTH why can’t I change the home radius

The default radius is too sensitive

You can.

- name: 'Home'
  latitude: !secret home_lat
  longitude: !secret home_long
  radius: 500000

Do you mean why can’t you change it where you can change the other zones? As mentioned above, it is possible, and in more than one way.

Setting Home radius in new Zones UI - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

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We need to be able to change it using UI.

@klm the UI for customization has been removed some times ago, now the only way to change the radius is using YAML


I understand the desire for that, but using the UI was not mentioned by OP.

edit: My mistake on the customize reference, I edit my home zone in the configuration.yaml. Is it possible to use the customize.yaml, just not in the UI?

This gives you an extra zone. so 2 Home zones…

Nope. I only have one.

That’s a very helpful answer…

i have 2 when i add the lines above. as others… Overriding the "Home" zone via the GUI does not work · Issue #56260 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Best would be if you could set the default home-zone in the gui.