WTH, why cant i get a list of available MDI Icons to use

Every time i`m adding something in HA i can change the icons but have no list handy on whats available.
Is there a way to provide a list of MDI Icons available locally? A drop-down menu would be awesome as well for that purpose, including the icon and its name.

BTW: Thanks for your amazing work. I just Love HA :wink:


I’d even say if there was some simple JavaScript put in place to say “on paste, replace ‘mid-‘ with ‘midi:’” would be a HUGE step in the right direction as Material Designs site is easy enough to find icons, but they use dash you guys require colon


VSCode has an MDI plugin.

Not inside HA, but https://cdn.materialdesignicons.com/5.5.55/ is the current list of MDI icons in HA.


Ah ok, too bad that vscode isn’t supported for armv7 so I can’t use that. Browsing it online is surely possible but I still insist that an integration would make it a lot easier while configuring something in HA.

Anyways, thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

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If you use the SAMBA addon you can run VSCode anywhere on your local network and edit the configuration files.

Yes, +1 to this! This is so missing! I’m frustrated every time I want to assign some icon in HA. Need to open MDI icons cheet sheet and look in there. A dialog in HA would be soo nice, the best with a search-by-name option

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just add an iframe panel with the url @tinkerer gave



It’s a minor irritation, but whenever I go to set or change an icon it seems so primitive to have to find the URL, wait for the web site to load, copy the name, then edit it to change the dash to a colon. I’ve often wondered Why The Heck can’t I just pick from a list?

As a side note, and this may already be out there, is there a way to create my own icons? Sometimes the MDI options just don’t strike the right note.

Again, I know this is a minor issue, and overall I’m just so thrilled with HA that it never even occurred to me to bring it up. But now that it’s out there, I’ll add my vote!


Fully agree! It’s a PITA to find the icon codes.

It would also be handy if there was at least a list of hass: icons out there. Not found one yet!

There is a list. https://materialdesignicons.com/

If you find an icon that does not work, check the history, if it was created recently - wait. HA will catch up eventually.

Right. But the point is, we have to remember where we saved that link, open a new browser tab, go to that link (or search for it if we forget), scan the list (it’s a pretty big list, and it can be hard to pick out just the right icon), copy the name, go back to HA to paste it in, then change the dash to a colon. Seems like the better option would be to pick them from a list right there in HA.

I’d even be happy if HA accepted the name with a dash, the way it’s copied from the Material Design web site. Why use their icons but not use their naming convention?

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Use VSCode. It has an mdi extension.

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(For an enduser, it’s rather a major irritation… :slight_smile: )
The cheatssheet link is changed. For the latest version the following is used:

That works for the built-in set but not for other sets installed like fontawesome. It would just be a very nice touch, especially for beginners, if home assistant would include a browse button and you get a full screen modal popup with all available icons accompanied by their name and a search field. I do hope they implement this.

Yes indeed, because that is what was asked for, so that is what I was answering:

There is no way HA is going to be able to provide an icon picker for every icon set available on the internet.

The MDI set by itself is freaking huge. That alone would probably be slow as a wet week.

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Does this help?


I hope you all caught Paulus letting the cat out of the bag during the release party, https://youtu.be/QWy4jWzKUEw?t=5168


It’s already merged: https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/pull/10161