WTH - Why can't I mount an SMB share, NFS, host volume, etc in HASSIO

There are many times where I would like to use external storage in HASSIO - but there is no persistent way to do it

One way to add this feature could be to create a HA addon that manages the SMB mount, mapping them to a folder that HA can access.
I would give it a go but I have no time to tackle challenge like this these days.

The folders that addons can access are config , ssl , addons , backup or share.
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Also you probably should vote for your own WTH.

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Thanks! I thought about this - and I may do this- but seemed worthy of a WTH

Use the SSH & Web terminal addon.

You will then be able to use it’s packages and init_commands options to install the packages needed then execute the mount commands.

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What’s the use case?

Use case is answering the question in the thread.

No, a use case would be “I need to mount a network share to store xyz”… not just “because”


A use case would be so MotionEye can save to an external drive / NAS


Another use case would be to store automatic snapshots to an external drive in case the storage medium gets corrupted.

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Sorry I wasn’t sure if you were responding to me or to the original poster.

To add to the other responders, there are many uses for additional disk space, or remote disk space.

I would love an NFS share for the config folder in Hassio, I find samba a bit flaky sometimes.


I have my supervised install mounted on a NFS share so the disk_use_percent sensor returns my NAS’s free space

I’ve got hassio running on top of Ubuntu (not a supported setup anymore it seems) and I mounted my nas with NFS into my /share folder. Works great, I’ve got Motion Eye and Transmission addons saving onto the nas.

Turns out this ^ is a terrible idea. having NFS folder mounted in /share means my home assistant snapshots were trying to backup my entire NAS.

Is there a better way?

Can’t you exclude the /share folder from the snapshot?

Yes I have now! It was an unexpected change in behaviour though, as it didn’t follow the path to the nas when I set it up over a year ago

+1 It’s hard to believe that this scenario is still not supported. It should be easy to add network drives via UNC to HASSIO for clip saving and such. It’s insanity that this highly requested feature is being ignored.

Read the thread. It is supported.

I’ve been trying for a while now (various methods from other threads on this forum) but so far have not succeeded. I want to mount my NAS music folder so that HA can see the files in the media Browser.

I think as far as the FR goes it should be a GUI option to select a source IP / folder etc to have it mounted, not by having to jump through hoops.