WTH why can't we filter entities and devices lists

Both the entities and devices list only have a “Search” option available. Why do they not have “filter” option available on each of the columns?

I can sort on a column but not apply a filter.

I guess because this as a developer tool and not meant for end users, it is not so high priority but the same idea came up here: Why are all automations in one big list? - #14 by oyvindhauge

These lists seem less of a “developer tool” than the states list (which appears under the Developer tab) which does have filtering per column. This also means the code is already partly done to add filtering per column and could hopefully be replicated and modified.

Another interesting point about filtering on entities and devices list is that you can filter on an integration by first going to that integration then selecting devices or entities. The list then shows “Filterd by integration XXX” - but there doesn’t seem to be any way to manually specify this type of filter or modify it.

Imagine if we were using tags, then everything is filterable that you want to group on