WTH! Why do I need to scroll so much to get to Server controls sice I need to restart so often

I would like to rearrange the items in configuration or make server control more on top of the list

I fully understand your need.
My personal stop gap for this is that I added a Philips 4 button zigbee remote and put it up next to my desktop computer and created automations for restarting HA, reloading Automations, and reloading scripts and a couple more. And put Dymo tape labels on the buttons.
So now I can restart HA at the press of a button next to my monitor.
But… WTH do I have to do that?
Not the most important WTH raised but I give my vote anyway as it is a low hanging fruit.

There’s a custom-sidebar integration that allows you to put a shortcut in the sidebar if that’s any help. It also allows hiding and rearranging of existing items.


That’s kinda cool.

I agree the general section should be at the top, followed by the automations, etc.

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Oh yes please, this is such an unnecessary paper-cut with Hass.

Especially when much lesser used functions are placed above it.

I think there should be two columns on the configuration page.

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Hi, do you have a link to this integration please?

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As restarting HA is a service, there’s any number of ways you can add this to your frontend or panel or whatever you like. I like “ok google restart home assistant”, myself…but you could make a button.

This is true but I always like to make sure check config passes before restart. This one gets my vote as a simple way to make a small improvement.

Isn’t it easier to check config with the press on the restart button and restart when everything is OK and give a pop-up if error in config and choice shure you want to restart? yes no?

I thought the configuration is already checked before the restart.

Yes this is wishful thinking that if they bury it we won’t need it any more, not based on the reality of what’s actually used the most, because I use it way more than anything else in the UI menus.

Why not add Restart Server buttons to file editor?
There is already menu with “reload…” items.

Check config button is too buried!

The service homeassistant.restart allready does that :wink:
The same goes for the “Restart” button since that just calls that service anyway.

can’t you just open two tabs and have reboot button in second tab?

Yes, however the point of this “What the heck?!” category isn’t to find workarounds to problems and poor UX, it’s to get them fixed.


So I feel like in light of all the changes being done for this WTH

This one is actually more important. I (like many others on this discussion from reading) have come up with a way to quickly reboot after a config change which works for me. In my case I actually have an automation which runs a config change after a YAML file changes and then pushes the results to my phone as a notification (the notification has a restart option if the config check passed).

But Bdraco is quickly making all of this irrelevant since pretty soon restarts will become rare, most parts of the configuration will not require a restart. Which means you actually will want to get to the server controls screen quickly to reload the part of the configuration you changed without a restart.

Perhaps we can consider adapting this WTH post somewhat in light of these other changes? I would love to see some changes to make it easier to reload parts of the configuration (or in rare cases, restart) without so much scrolling. Like perhaps a tab in the developer tools panel (since any changes to configuration.yaml are developer changes)? Or a more icon on the developer tools sidebar nav item that shows a menu which lets you pick what to reload?

Wait the service does a config check before executing the restart? I found out that the button in the server controls screen did this recently but I didn’t know the service did too.

Services have no output though so how would you get the success/fail state in your automation or UI? Like if I have an automation or a button in my UI calling this service I would either want the call to succeed or be able take compensating actions in case of failure (like show a message to the user for instance). I definitely wouldn’t want it to silently fail. How do I do that?