WTH Why is 'Unmonitored Energy' not a category you can easily enable

I created this with a template sensor but this has to be manually updated when I add a new metering plug. This puts a great perspective into energy usage

Also creating sub monitors (more sections under one bar for example) so you can have a sensor for a group in the distribution cabinet (groepenkast) and have metering plugs as part of that group.

Cheers Marcel

Yes! I really miss this one!
It becomes more and more interesting to get “other consumers”.

This one could be fairly simple
consumption - all individual consumers = unmonitored/other consumers

Yes, especially the grouping. I have a whole home energy monitor in my breaker box (Emporia), but then many of those breakers may have individual plugs on just a single device, or smart switches that report energy.
I would also be great to categorize the individual devices, lights, entertainment, heating/cooling, etc…

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Yeah – this is what I have set up for myself by hand with templates – total power/energy meter at the fuse box, individual devices grouped by hand into category template sensors (food, cleaning, climate, lights, IT, media) and finally a difference sensor between all the categories and total. It would be nice to just group devices by category and have these sensor be created automatically.

Unless you want HA to somehow automagically know what switches/sensors you have and use for power metering, that would depend on how you currently template that.

Only thing you’d need to add in case of a new metering device, is that device to your config, and have the template do the rest?

      - unique_id: calculated_bruto_minus_switches
        name: Ongemeten verbruik
        <<: *power
        icon: mdi:ghost
# filter out negatives
        state: >
          {{[0,(states('sensor.calculated_bruto_verbruik')|float(0) -

that is, assuming you have your smart meter plugged into HA too ofc.

Ive even done it a bit more specific, but never have to look back to these templates:

      - unique_id: sensors_huidig_verbruik_summed
#        name: Sensors huidig verbruik summed
        <<: *power
        icon: mdi:plus-box-outline
        state: >

only add a device to any of the above groups

SInce there will be not a single config using the same demands, I fear HA will never be able to do so by itself, without further input from the user.

I believe there would need to be user input to set this up, but it could be done when adding devices to the energy dashboard. Simply allow setting a “parent” when adding an individual device.