WTH... ZHA doesn't support ZGP (Zigbee GreenPower)?

I switched from deConz to ZHA and found that many of my zigbee devices was not supported.
Searched the forums and found this:

Nothing has happened since!

FYI, this is really asking the same as this other post even though it does not specifically mention ZGP:

You can submit a symbolic vote here to show interest → https://community.home-assistant.io/t/wth-doesn-t-zha-support-friends-of-hue-buttons-yet/472645

But in the end, Home Assistant need more volunteering Python developer(s) with interest in low-level Zigbee support to get that existing code pull request and open a new code pull request for the zigpy library (ZHA dependency) or create new code that is acceptable for merger:


You might have many Zigbee Green Power (ZGP) devices, but statistically there are not many different ZGP devices on the market that are actually different products, (as most actually contain the same type of ZGP module made by EnOcean), however those available a relatively popular because of the “Friend of Hue” series as well as a few Philips Hue branded products that use the ZGP technology: