Wunderground Weather and Home Assistant

I have these exact same errors after a reboot - the component has been running on my system for a few months with no issues

Now it works for me. Thanks @kasikcz .
My weather station was offline no idea why. I created them again on the Wunderground page, after that the data came. Maybe this helps you.

I also have the integration running, but I have the following problem: I don’t get the weather forecast for Germany. How can I change this ?

change “Personal Weather Station” to “sensor” in configuration.yaml

there is a problem, i am now running the latest beta of HA and wundergroundpws is not working anymore, and before beta everything worked fine, what could be the reason?

had the same problem
not sure which beta version it stop working on
all i did to fix it was to go back and install the latest version of wundergroundpws according to the installation … will note i never touched anything on a lovelace and all returned as normal

Have you screenshot on your sensor yaml?

Please, for the pictures you still need the folder wupws_icons in the www folder.

Thank you it’s work now,

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Which card do you use ?
How did you visualize it?
This is my.

Did you copy the wupws_icons folder from the Github site to the config/www folder so you can get the images too?

We share the code in this evening,

Yes, we have do it


  Momenteel is het {{states('sensor.buiten_temperatuur')}}°C en de wind waait
    {{states('sensor.wind_speed')}} km/uur. De luchtvochtigheid is op dit
    moment {{states('sensor.buiten_vochtigheid')}}%. Er is
    {{states('sensor.buienradar_rainchance_1d')}}% kans op regen.

  Weersverwachting voor vandaag:  {{states('sensor.wupws_weather_1d')}}

  Weersverwachting voor vanavond: {{states('sensor.wupws_weather_1n')}}

  Weersverwachting voor morgen: {{states('sensor.wupws_weather_2d')}}

But that’s cumbersome you just need to go to add card then enter entity and wupws and select the sensors you want and then sort in the suggested card.

In my card I use a message of all kind of sensors. I don’t want to place a card on my home screen, but a message.
For this message I use several sensors, and also some of my Weather Underground sensors.
This is what I like most

Ok, whatever you want. I’m trying to integrate an image (png) for an entity (garbage can) into HA, do you know the spec (resolution-pixel) I need there?

We have this, maybe you can see the formatProcessing: 047D1ADE-2D3C-496F-ACF6-FEC7C6708ED8.webp…

I already have pictures, which card do you use?