Wyse Thin client

Did you update 5020 before you did the install.

Update? It’s getting wiped when you install hassio.

Thanks. I didn’t quite understand if the embedded OS would remain or if BIOS required any updating.

I installed the image on the thin client and it was working fine until I noticed it didn’t power up automatically have power loss. I tried powering it off and on and pressing DEL key but it never would go into Bios. Now it would boot from the flash - it tries to load Home Assistant then crashes with a cusor showing and it won’t boot from USB. Ahy suggestions on how to get to Bios because it looks like I corrupted Hasso with powering it off and on.

You’ll just need to spam on that key as soon as you hit the power button. It’s a timing thing.

I have tried holding it down, tapping it, and the home assistant os just keep trying to load. The DEL key seems to have to effect on it.

I disconnected the battery and now at least I was able to get into Bios and change boot order. Home Assistant must have changed the boot order?- Now I will re-image the drive.

I had the same problem…and the same solution. Once I put a new BIOS on, it was easy to change the boot order, etc.

I have one remaining problem. I went whole hog and installed Debian 10. I have home assistant, pi-hole and a choice of desktops (gnome,…). I’ve installed chrome as well. For now, it’s all installed on the flash…but I have an external SSD and my hope is to move everything (probably reinstall) using the external drive. Not sure how that will effect the speed…this is an experiment.

One problem I haven’t been able to solve is that I get no audio output…nothing through the front jack and nothing over HDMI. The adapter(s) show everywhere they should, I have the correct driver…but no sound. I’d like to run zoom on the 5020, but need sound. Any help appreciated.

I didn’t try any audio since I am only running Home Assistant on my 5020. I did look at buying another 5020 to connect to my TV for a media server so I am interested in what you find out. I am pretty sure that a Displayport to HDMI adapter will not pass audio on the 5020. I am surprised the front jack is not working. There is some good technical support for Wyse here https://www.technicalhelp.de/ Let me know how it works out.

see the following for the solution to the audio issue:

I installed Debian 10 in my WYSE thin client and then installed Home Assistant using this page https://mathesonsteplock.ca/install-home-assistant-supervised-on-debian/