Wyze Cam v2 - Home Assistant Review

@devWaves, thanks a lot. I will investigate and see if i can figure it out. And what do you have in lovelace? I’m missing sound in my current setup.

I am still fairly new to HA and I don’t really use dashboards so I don’t have this setup in lovelace. What I sent are configurations that can be used with any smarthub that supports mqtt and rtsp

@devWaves, thanks again. Realy helpfull. I won’t need a tool to detect montion and send it to mqtt like motioneye.

After it’s flashed, you can remove the card and use it to flash another Wyze2. (I did).

Update: To be clear, I no longer recommend buying a Wyze Cam V2 if you exclusively plan to use it with Home Assistant. This is for people who already have one laying around. It will work, but there are now alternatives at this price point with native RTSP support, along with other features. I haven’t tried them yet, but they are probably more reliable too. If Wyze comes out with a local API and RTSP support for the Wyze Cam V3, i would recommend it. Until then, the v3 has no support, and Wyze is just a company that really wants you to use their cloud service.

Why support that? Personally, i think ill hold off buying Wyze devices in the future until that day where i can get a reliable video feed in Home Assistant comes.

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What are some of your camera recommendations at this price point?

second to that above about recommendations as that would be great to know, as stated the v3 would be a good candidate if for not having support for rtsp which we all want, but the wait for them to sort it out (if they do ?) is quite painful.

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They’re planning it, but who knows when it will be released. When they do, I’ll either post here or start a new thread.

Does the v3 support RTSP? – Wyze (zendesk.com)

I just ordered two Wyze Cam V2’s and hope to put the Xiaomi firmware on them. I still don’t know of anything comparable I would have ordered that. Is the Sonoff camera any good in comparison?

I have not tried the sonoff camera, but have heard that it is good. Since i havent tried it, i dont have an opinion, but there are a lot of YouTube videos comparing budget cameras for use in Home Assistant.

Such as?

(This sucks, I can’t simply ask “Such as” or the New and Improved forum says my response is too short).

From personal experience I can say that the Wyze V2 cameras do not appear to be usable if you have a Ubiquiti UDM Pro.

The cameras with defang hacked firmware were operating passably for a few days when I was using the Ubiquiti USG 3P gateway router but as soon as I replaced it with the UDM Pro they basically stopped being able to access the network over the course of a day (starting with almost complete packet loss and concluding in not even joining the access points).

Doing a search for the problem seems to reaffirm that this is indeed an issue many people face :confused: So be warned.

EDIT: Shortly after I posted I went back to the Wyze supplied V2 RTSP firmware. So far so good… 15fps at a low bitrate but it works. Hasn’t missed a beat so far. Can not recommend using custom firmware over the Wyze supplied firmware.

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Is there a way to use person detection with HA without paying for camplus?

RTSP support is now available for Wyze Cam V3.


Yeah, use frigate. Works like a charm

I’m seeing about four seconds of latency. Is this what I should expect? I have Hassio running on an rPi3. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Sadly yes. See here:

No. The lag has nothing to do with CPU performance, it’s inherent to how streaming is handled by HA. It will happen on all systems.

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Thanks for the info and link!

Does anyone know if I can monitor sound level in dB using these cams?

The Wyze person detection, no. But, if you have the RTSP firmware installed on the Wyze Cam, you should be able to use integrations such as DOODS or Tensorflow for Person detection.