WYZE Sense, WYZE Cam, WYZE Lock Integration Thread - Need help upvoting integration on WYZE FORUMS - LINK INCLUDED

I have been requested to include a general link to the Wyze forums in a hope to inspire the Wyze developers to fully integrate, even cloud control, into home assistant. I will generally ask to keep it civil on those forums as you do here, it is a very small team, much like home assistant. This isn’t rocket science, they need folk to upvote this feature request to have it be seen. It currently has over 750 votes from just WYZE users and users who happens to have found the request.

I hope linking it here helps bring visibility to the request, for full native integration of Wyze into home assistant.

The Link to the feature request on wyze forums

Thanks for reading.

In perspective, I’m currently running 15 wyze motion sensors, 6 door sensors, 5 cameras, and plan on getting the lock, maybe 2. I’d love to have wyze natively support my advanced smart home, as I’ve not had any issues but it’s not perfect by any means. (rtsp, usb-docker, and no lock integration yet)


There’s no option to vote…

Why not just use this: https://github.com/JoshuaMulliken/ha-wyzeapi

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Yes, there is. Look at the top of the thread, it says how many votes there is even. You likely need to be logged in, chap.

Why not one integration for everything signed off by wyze instead? Wyze sense, wyze switches, cameras, everything. Not sure what your reply has to do with asking for my request, but OK!

There is a vote button on the ORIGINAL Home Assistant Integration post, which has over 700 votes already. But not on yours.

I’ve tried it. Doesn’t work well.

Thanks a ton for this, works great on my end!
Being able to leave the bridge where it is (connected to one of my cameras) is a huge bonus over the other one!

I’m rather new to HA, anyone know a good plugin for the v2 camera? I keep hearing MotionEye I think it is? I don’t even really use them that much, don’t need features, just the ability to turn on and off and view the feed/stream.

ugh, I just noticed wyze forums hotlinked me to a specific comment, I fixed the link so it goes right to the top instead. It has over 840 upvotes now, hopefully, now that it’s in the top 10 most upvoted things on there, we get heard. let’s keep it rolling!

I’ll also add my current fun thing I’ve been doing with the current wyze integration possibilities. Local recording of ingress and egress of the home.

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@VarenDerpsAround - can you share some details (either here, or in a new thread, or point to a thread that my searching didn’t turn up) on how you integrated the Wyze cam into your HA?

This is my first HA implementation, and my first camera, so gentle guidance is appreciated.