XCP-NG Guest Tools

I recently migrated from Hyper-V cluster to XCP-NG cluster which required re-deployment of the HA VM. It would be beneficial to performance if XCP-NG guest tools were pre-installed or at minimum instructions for how I can install them.

FYI: for anyone looking to use XCP-NG 8.2, HA’s OVA will only boot properly via UEFI boot.

This is also related / the same as this Feature Request for Xentools.
Here is the XCP docs page regarding the guest tools.

Regarding the part on how to install them, if that’s even possible, knowing what “flavor” of Linux is the underlying OS would help, as well as a method for mounting a disc…

I had to change from bios to uefi on XCP-ng 8.1

xe vm-param-set uuid=VM-UUID HVM-boot-params:firmware=uefi

Did anyone try to manually install it ? Does it work ?