Add xen guest tools package to HASS OS

We already seem to ship VMWare’s open-vm-tools and the qemu agent with the operating system, it would be great if we could also add xen guest utilities. This would allow for a clean shutdown and better metrics when using xen based virtualization such as XCP-NG or Citrix Xen Server.

I guess a fix would look similar to this PR

Yes, it would be great to get the xe tools included :wink: any eta on when this might happen?

I’m specifically looking for XCP-ng tools ( Citrix Hypervisor, formerly known as Xenserver, is a bad option for home labs). There is also this Feature request as well for specifically XCP-ng tools.


Any update on this ? Is there a way to manual install the XCP-NG guest additions for now ? The HASS OS seems to be nailed down so iam not sure if manual install is an option ?

The latest nightly include the xe-guest-utilities package, which should improve Xen support (added by this pull request).

The daemon seem to be present and started automatically once Xen virtualization is detected. However, I don’t have a Xen installation at hand to test the change fully. I would be glad if somebody can test this the latest nightly build 7.0.dev20210719. Nightly development builds are available from this site: Index of /7.0.dev20210719

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I’m currently running a Xen setup and was wondering if you had an idea on how to update the OS to a nightly build?

I found a way to do a manual update with the exact version you’ve specified and while the OS was starting up, I could see a printed line saying that Xen Guest Utilities was started, but after checking my management UI, it doesn’t look like the agent is being recognized by the hypervisor. (see this comment)

Here’s a screenshot with the OS version displayed and the “Management Agent not installed” displayed.


Edit: Forgot to specify that I’m running the latest version of XCP-ng (8.2)

Hm, that is strange, I’d guess once the daemon is started there is nothing left to do. I am really not familar with Xen, so not sure what else is missing here.

Can you check the logs using journalctl -u xe-daemon.service?

I downloaded the OVA from the link above and imported it into my instance of xcp-ng/xoa and it seems to be working fine.

Well, If I use Xen Orchestra like @Delgado, I’m seeing it being detected correctly. Not sure why XCP-ng console is not reporting the same thing, but the fact that I can hotplug a network interface shows that the agent is working as expected.

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Thanks for the update, appreciated!

It works for me as well with XCP-ng 8.2. Thanks for your PR @agners.

I had to change the boot firmware of the virtual machine from ‘default (bios)’ to ‘uefi’ in Xen Orchestra.

Hi @agners - Tested the nightly build and I can confirm it’s working with XCP-ng 8.2. Any ETA when it’ll be merge to the main branch?