Xfinity XHK1-UE with Telguard GDC1 - How to manage keypad codes?

Hey everyone!

This is my first post so be gentle :slight_smile:

I’m a SmartThings refugee and in addition to moving my light switches in the past couple of months yesterday, I tried to move Xfinity XHK1-UE (Keypad) with Telguard - GDC1 (garage door switch with open/close sensor).
I started by excluding each one from ST and factory resetting. I paired each one with Z-Wave JS in HA with zero issues.
I was thinking for the keypad there would be some sort of setting to manage/add codes but there were none. Searching here I came across this post and thanks to @wryandginger and his suggested automation I was able to add automation where I duplicated 3 of the “zha_event” and changed codes for each one. Under the device, I chose my garage door opener (Telguard - GDC1) and it worked! I was able to toggle/open/close the garage door with 3 different codes.
In ST using RBOY APPS Lock User Management I was able to set same code for the Schlage BE469 Z-Wave lock and garage door opener.

To sum it up I wanted to see if there was any better integration for this type of setup that is easier and better because at this point I don’t have any states of when the door is in an open or closed state.


If supported then should just work like this →

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