Xiaomi_aqara not working since last docker update


I’m running the homeassistant/home-assistant docker, and since last update xiaomi_aqara has stopped working.

I had this config in configuration.yaml

  discovery_retry: 5
      key: XXXXXXXX

And everything was OK, but when I updated the docker stopped working, and now I’m getting this error:

The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:
Please check your config.

Please, could you help me with this topic?

Thanks in advance

Ok, I fix it adding host: parameter

    - mac: XXXXXXXXX
      key: XXXXXX
      host: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Hope this can help.

Didnt work for me unfortunately.
Still cant work both my gateways.

Adding host didn’t work for me either… anyone else? I am using a lot of motion, temperature, angle-sensors and this is quite a huge problem for me now…

Any ideas what else I could test?

Same problem here…

I had the same issue, after switching to the new XiaomiAqara integration using the GUI it all works again. After adding it using the GUI, I removed the xiaomi config section from my configuration.yaml


Thanks a lot Mosibi, this worked for me too!!