Xiaomi Camera Integration - Post Free Cloud Storage

Xiaomi have ended their years long free cloud storage. You can still review security videos from the device SD card.

Now, more than ever I want to look into taking a live stream from the camera to:

  1. Store/review security recordings on my home server
  2. Use 3rd party software for evaluating human/motion. Since the cameras I have don’t have configurable monitoring zones, and I constantly get false positives from trees blowing etc. I want to monitor a certain area of grass to engage my B-Hyve sprinkler when the neighbour’s cats come to sh!t on my lawn :joy:
  3. I also have a bunch of other Xiaomi stuff (BT gateway, temp monitor, lights, buttons, and motion detectors) which I am yet to integrate to HA.

There is this old thread. I have the same cameras wich are otherwise excellent value. (Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P). But I hoped there might have been some developments since the cloud service shut down.