Xiaomi gateway DGNWG02LM. Can any one confirm it works and how?

Hey guys,
Yesterday I bought a set of xiaomi sensors with the DGNWG05LM gateway (EU version) . Unfortunately I have not managed to get it to work. Things I ve tried are here.

I have located a set with the DGNWG02LM (chi version I think) in a local shop.

Before I go throw away more money could someone advice me on the following, taking into account that I don’t want to mess with the zigbee2mqtt method right now.

  • Will the DGNWG02LM gateway work out of the box?
  • Do I need to get the key by doing the Chinese mainland app registration? (I already have a vacuum on my GER version of the app and I’d like to have them all together)
  • Will the sensors from the DGNWG05LM be compatible with the new gateway?
  • What should I do with the DGNWG05LM gateway? Should I try to return it and get a second set of the 02 (to have a second operational gateway) or should I keep it and wait for someone to make it work? (are there any hopes there?)

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:
And sorry for the new post but I’m in a hurry and the relevant topics are kind of dead.

yesterday i try set my DGNWG02LM too. how i understand EU version gateway dont have developer mode and LAN mode. if you can return 05 and get 02(china version), i guess it good choise.

Did the DGNWG02LM work ok?
Thank you

i not try, but a lot of people work with this model. tutorial for this model work on old version mi home and many people have trouble with developer mode and LAN mode. but you have more chanse with 02 then 05 :slight_smile:
Not able to get Xiaomi Gateway Key
i want try CC2531 for zegbee xiaomi sensor. i hope he suppoerted more devices then xiaomi gateway.
https://pikabu.ru/story/umnyiy_dom_xiaomi_s_shapochkoy_iz_folgi_6665818 (google translte will help i think)

Hey buddy, thanks for all the info.
I ended up buying a bunch of stuff.
Will test them through the weekend and let you know.

I can confirm that DGNWG02LM gateway can be paired following the instructions (Chinese location, developer and lan mode)

Does anyone know if i can update the firmware of the gateway and maintain usability? :slight_smile:

Did you try to upgrade the firmware ? I’m getting my DGNWG02LM today, not sure if i have to update the firmware first before trying to pair it.

Nope, didn’t dare to :slight_smile:
To be honest i think ill use the app less and less, so the update prompt becomes less annoying :slight_smile:

cool. i dont think im gonna use the mi home app much, just want to integrate the sensors to HA and uninstall the app afterward.